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Beautiful Inside and out

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

* The Rules

* You must be atleast 14 to apply
* Guys are welcome to apply
* Please post your application behind an LJ cut
* Don't be rude
* Be sure to "seperate" (ex: making the colors diferent, please NO neon green or light yellow) the application and answers
* Do not vote until you have been accepted
* To prove that you have read the rules, make the subject line read "I am forever beautiful"
* If you cannot handle criticism do not apply.
* Have fun!

The Application(Please put it behind a livejournal cut. Failure to do this will be auto-rejected.)

~About You~

Dating Status & a pic if you have one:
How do you describe yourself?:

~Your Favorites~

T.V shows:

~Your Opinion~

Premarital Sex:
Drugs and Alcohol:

~A Few More Questions~

Tell us a funny story or joke:
What is something interesting about you?:
What is your biggest fear?:
Why should you be accepted?:


Promote us to three journals and/or communities that allows promoting and post the link, be sure to use a promotion banner! If you are accepted we hope that you will promote anyway:

Now,post 3-5 clear pictures of yourself. You must have at least one clear shot of your face

Your Mods:


remember to promote!!!