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_forensics_'s Journal

Forensic Science
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All Members , Moderated
Hello and welcome to _forensics_, a community for those interested in, fascinated by, or studying//working in, this phenomenal field of science.

Anyone is welcome to join, but there are a few simple rules which I would appreciate all members adhere to as a means to keep the community friendly and informative:

[x] Please make an introductory post outlining your interest or involvement in this subject, thus extending your courtesies by opening the channels of discussion with other members.

[x] All posts must be relevant to the topic of this community. If not, they will be removed immediately as a warning to the author, and an impending ban will be enforced if necessary.

[x] When posting large images and/or elongated text, please use the lj-cut.

[x] Information in this community must be strictly non-fictional. Any entry not complying with this rule will also be removed immediately.

[x] If you wish to discuss topics such as forensic-based television programs, go here. If you want to promote your community, go here... but please do not post anything regarding either of those here, as they, too, will be removed.

[x] This communtiy does not condone nor glorify the crimes committed by criminals, the criminals themselves, nor the motives behind their crimes.

Complaints and comments regarding potentially unlawful content in this community, and any contributions, suggestions, or recommendations for the improvement thereof, can be forwarded to its creator and maintainer, thallium.

Related communities: serial_murder.
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