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Forensic Science's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Forensic Science

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New member [12 Jan 2005|01:24pm]
Greetings all,

New member here, studying Forensic Science at the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). I'm in my second year and I'm finding it thoroughly interesting. I'm wondering if there are any forensic books out there (fiction or non-fiction) that you could recommend me. I notice Patricia Cornwell looks like a good bet. Anything else?
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Hi! [12 Jan 2005|08:38pm]
I just joined. My connections to forensics are currently only the fact that I worship the show CSI:, but my dad works with criminologist-type people (computer geek working with criminal history stuff) and I hope to have a forensically-aligned job someday. I love entomology, but anthropology and bloodspatter analysis are supremely intresting to me as well. I know a lot, for someone who's only been working on her own, but I could stand to learn a lot more.
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