The Fallen

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Were new at the moment...please excuse the crickets chirping...

This community is for wierd kids who are/were left out or made fun of for any reason.Whether it was because of their looks,thoughts,sexual orientations or disabilities, your all welcome to join up and bitch, joke, share poetry and art, rant and vent with the rest of us.


1) Any people posting malicious or hurtful posts or comments will be removed.

2) Rating is evil....remember this...

3) I keep an eye on this community and if i find any preppy or elitist fuck-ups mixing with my beloved wierdo comrades you will be thrown into the fiery pits of bannedness!

4) if u write lke this ur a fuckwit, aight?! Please, at least take the time to make your journal coherrant to others. Thank you.

Anonomous posting has been disabled. So all those cowardly little shits cant comment.

Your Loving Mod,