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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, there was an icon artist named avilina. That's me. I got into making icons in January of 2005 and decided I really liked it. So much that I created this community to feature my own icons seperate from my livejournal so that people who just wanted to see my icons could do so and people who just wanted to see my other stuff could. If you want to see both, that's all good too.

I make Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel icons right now. I may or may not decide to do other fandoms.

Sometimes I'm willing to take requests. I will personalize texts on blanks, I will not change styling on an icon. I will make an icon using the same style I used in another. I do however maintain the right to refuse to make icons of characters or ships that I don't particularly like.

If you would like to use an icon you see here, please do so but I ask that you comment first and then credit me (avilina) in your keywords. Anyone who hotlinks will be vaporized.

I am now entered at jossverseawards and sw_awards if you so wish to nominate one of my icons.

Icons are now being sorted into memories. I only get 5 keywords and limited length so I've tried to put down the five most featured actors, characters, you get the idea for referencing.

My icons are posted in the following communities:


I love entering icon contests. I currently participate in the following challenge communities:


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