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Hey, everyone! I just had a couple of things I wanted to bring up about the awards. First, I wanted to remind you all that each category needs at least three nominees in order to exist after the 20th, so if any category does not meet that rule, it will not be judged. Thus, sending in nominations over the next couple of days is imperative in order to keep some of the small categories around.

The second point is for the judges- please be sure to read through the rules about each category you're judging. For instance, if it's for Best Ficlet, Short, Long, or Saga, make sure you know the chapter requirement for the category and if the fic fits it. For example, if a story is over 20 chapters in the Best Long category, rule it out because it doesn't follow the rules. If any judges have questions throughout the judging period or before then, please send an e-mail to

Third, and I know it goes without saying, but please try to be fair, judges. I understand that some people have favorites in the categories they are judging, but read through each fic and try to make an unbiased decision as to who should be crowned Winner/Runner-up.

And fourth, thank you to everyone who has participated so far through volunteering and submitting nominations! I have a feeling judging is going to be a lot of fun, and I hope everything works out! Have a good weekend!:)


Just a reminder that there are only five days left to nominate for the first round. No nominees will be taken after Wednesday, so nominate your favorite fics.  Make sure you read the rules!
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Anya w/ aecflower

Rule Problem

Before anyone else catches/addresses it, it has been brought to my attention that one author has 3 fics nominated in one category, which breaks rule #7. I will be contacting the author to find out which 2 fics she wants judged to keep it fair, but if anyone doesn't like this idea, feel free to respond. Congrats to all of the new nominated authors!:)
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Nominations Begin Now!

Hi everyone!

Ashlee, Allison and I would like to welcome you to our NEW site – Fool for Love Awards!

We plan on holding three rounds a year and awarding all you great authors out there. If you take a look around at the links section, you’ll see that we have 51 CATEGORIES! We sure do ask for lots of work, don’t we? ;)

Anyway, we hope you like what you see and encourage you to join the community, spread the word, and nominate away!

Because this is the first round, we extended the nomination period. Soooo, THE NOMINATING BEGINS NOW! (To get started, look at the links to the right.)


P.S. If you are a pretty good judge of fic, and would like to become a Judge for us, please let us know!, or comment :)
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