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The Rules and Dates - Round 3

The Rules and Dates:


  1. Round 3 Nomination Period: February 1th to February 28th


  1. Round 3 Judging Period: March 1th to March 25th  


  1. Round 3 Winners Revealed: Saturday, April 1st  


  1. The story nominated must have the Buffy/Spike pairing.


  1. A Category must have 3 nominees. If it has only 3, there will only be a first place winner. If it has 4 or more different nominated authors , there will also be a runner-up.


  1. Each category can have up to 15 nominees.


  1. An author can have a maximum of ONE fic nominated in each category.


  1. One single fic can be in up to THREE categories.


  1. A code must be placed along with your fic. If you cannot do this, please let us know why and we’ll make the exception. We just want to know you’re interested in winning. (Simply responding to the notification email is good also.)


  1. Link supplied with the fic nomination must be an easy-to-read place. (ex: No searching through live journal entries). Link should be checked by the author and should lead directly to the story, not an archive where we have to search for it ourselves. Broken link = Disqualification.


  1. AU’s can be nominated in all categories except Best Canon, canon fics can be nominated in all categories except Best AU. (AU = All Human, Canon = Buffy is the Slayer, Spike is a vampire)


  1. Categories denoted with * must have a specified chapter or character name.


  1. Fiction should be satisfactory in spelling/grammar. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if it becomes completely excessive in errors, it will undoubtedly mar a judge’s opinion.


  1. Self-nominating is not against the rules, but we recommend having a friend do it for you if you think you deserve it. The reason is a bit obvious.


  1. Questions? Email us. Foolforloveawards@yahoo.com


  1. If a rule is not followed, the nomination will be deleted.


  1. When it asks if you read the rules, put: Buffalo Wings



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