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I've got this idea. I'm sure it's been done before, but hey, they can't get enough appreciation, right?

I'm thinking about doing a Band Appreciation thing and (hopefully) presenting it to the boys when I go to one of the Honda Civic Tour dates in April :) I was thinking we can make both of these:

(a) A mix CD with recordings from the fans telling them how much their music means to us?
~You can make recordings on your computers, upload them somewhere, give me the links, and I can put them on a CD
(b) A scrap book of pictures//poems//drawings//letters//etc... ?
~You can just send me whatever you want. Contact info will be listed below

Then get it all thrown together as one big gift of awesomeness :)

Either comment this entry, e-mail me [ x_gurl2024@hotmail.com ], or try to catch me on AIM [PheonixFireBlack].

When you comment//e-mail//IM let me know the following:
(a) Which part [CD, scrap book or both] of the gift you want to contribute to
(b) What name you want me to put by/around what you contribute.
(c) And anything else you think I might need to know that I'm not thinking of at the moment

Let me know what you guys think!

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