hey guys, i've seen other FOB related selling posts on here so i hope this is allowed. so anyway i'm in dire need of some extra cash, due to recent uncontrollable events so i thought i'd sell my one Fall Out Boy Original "Take This To Your Grave" Poster that i got at a show a whiile back. it's never been hung so there are no folds or tape marks. i really would rather not part with it, considering i got it years ago and i probably won't be able to get another one anytime soon. but given my current situation i really don't have a choice. so anyway here's the link and i guess good luck.

RARE Fall Out Boy TTTYG Poster

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Selling all four falloutboy action figures!
Click here for the link, 1 day left!

I prefer paypal but if I don't get any bids I'll take cash or check, just comment here if you're remotley interested! They go for I think roughly $15 each, and I'm starting them at $35 (for the set! + S&H) There all in good cond. I just realized that I have no use for action all. hahaha SO check it outttttt suckas ;)

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Hey guys, I hope it's okay that I post this here.

I believe that it has been discontinued.
The ONLY reason I am selling this is so that I can attend Projekt Revolution this weekend.
I absolutely LOVE it, so this is my last resort.  :(
Paypal only, and must be paid in full by Friday.
I will take the best offer and ship it early next week.

Here is a picture of Pete wearing one:

If you would like, message me and I can send you a picture of mine.
Thank you so much.
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Hey, I am selling most of my Fall Out Boy shirts on EBay. They are large and not youth. If you are interested...please check them out. IF not, sorry to have bothered you. I am also selling shirts for Midtown, Punchline and random shirts. I am also selling FOB FUCT CD's brand new and a FUCT record (black not gold). Thanks to anyone who checks it out.