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F A L L O U T B O Y I S F O R L O V E R S ! [entries|friends|calendar]
Fall Out Boy Is For Lovers!

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hey guys, i've seen other FOB related selling posts on here so i hope this is allowed. so anyway i'm in dire need of some extra cash, due to recent uncontrollable events so i thought i'd sell my one Fall Out Boy Original "Take This To Your Grave" Poster that i got at a show a whiile back. it's never been hung so there are no folds or tape marks. i really would rather not part with it, considering i got it years ago and i probably won't be able to get another one anytime soon. but given my current situation i really don't have a choice. so anyway here's the link and i guess good luck.

RARE Fall Out Boy TTTYG Poster
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[March 31, 2008]


[September 30, 2007]

selling set of 4 fall out boy action figures. good cond. just am not a collecters type person dont know why i bought them :/


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[September 19, 2007]

Selling all four falloutboy action figures!
Click here for the link, 1 day left!

I prefer paypal but if I don't get any bids I'll take cash or check, just comment here if you're remotley interested! They go for I think roughly $15 each, and I'm starting them at $35 (for the set! + S&H) There all in good cond. I just realized that I have no use for action figures........at all. hahaha SO check it outttttt suckas ;)
Bruise or Black Eye

[July 25, 2007]

Hey guys, I hope it's okay that I post this here.

I believe that it has been discontinued.
The ONLY reason I am selling this is so that I can attend Projekt Revolution this weekend.
I absolutely LOVE it, so this is my last resort.  :(
Paypal only, and must be paid in full by Friday.
I will take the best offer and ship it early next week.

Here is a picture of Pete wearing one:

If you would like, message me and I can send you a picture of mine.
Thank you so much.
Bruise or Black Eye

The Wall Screamed [April 24, 2007]

Three wallpapers: FOB Skate Park Photoshoot, Patrick Stump, and Pete Wentz Clandestine...

And Humpty Tumbled Down In Shock Shattering Into A Million Beautiful Sparkling Pieces Next To ItCollapse )

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presale tix [February 7, 2007]


Okay i know someone has to have the password to get the presale tickets...does anyone know it?

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Idea? [January 17, 2007]

I've got this idea. I'm sure it's been done before, but hey, they can't get enough appreciation, right?

Fall Out Boy Band AppreciationCollapse )

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selling stuff [October 21, 2006]

Hey, I am selling most of my Fall Out Boy shirts on EBay. They are large and med....adult not youth. If you are interested...please check them out. IF not, sorry to have bothered you. I am also selling shirts for Midtown, Punchline and random shirts. I am also selling FOB FUCT CD's brand new and a FUCT record (black not gold). Thanks to anyone who checks it out.

Bruise or Black Eye

[April 22, 2006]

can someone post a picture of the bat/heart logo?
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