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Fans of Full Metal Alchemist

A Gathering of People Like Us

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Full Metal Alchemist is love

Yes, here it is...another Full Metal Alchemist community! I was introduced to this series at Otakon 2004, and thought I'd start a community as a tribute to its awesomeness! How original of me. Well, I don't think it's necessary to post rules, but I will anyway... ::dramatic poof of purple smoke::

  1. All posted content must pertain to FMA in some way.

  2. Fanart/fanfic is acceptable, but use an LJ cut.

  3. Colorbars are acceptable. Encouraged, actually. Express your creativity!

  4. If you must talk about spoilers, use an LJ cut. Some of us haven't seen the series the whole way through, yaknow.

  5. BE NICE! No slashing, this is supposed to be a happy place.

  6. I'm just getting this off the ground, so please be patient with me whilst I renovate...

    Animated icon courtesy of dertodesengel in anime_iconage.