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Yanked off a Dying External Drive
Lovely Dean
And preserved here, for prosperity. A bunch of random FMA icons.

Rules: Comments are nice <3, Credit is not Necessary, No Hotlinking


( Gee, I haven't done this for a while )

Fullmetal Alchemist Final Best
Lovely Dean
My FMA Final Best CD Collection arrived today! \o/ Here is a scan of the art associated with the CD.

No credit for scanning needed, do whatever your little heart desires with them!


Doujins from our Collection to Yours
Lovely Dean
New Community with lots of doujins to scan is looking for nubile young members who likes to look at AND read doujins.

More Details HereCollapse )

Hello Unknown Guest. Icons are this way.
Lovely Dean
I want an Ed cellphone, I do. Icons that got icon'd because I got inspired to do some iconning sort of things.

Rules, we all hate them: 1. No Credit Necessary (but pop over to dassou_keikaku all you roy/ed lovers and let her know what a GREAT job she's doing!)
2. Comments are as always, love. 3. Don't hotlink, ok?

The Tease:

( It may be over but it will never be forgotten )

That's What You Get - Part Two
Lovely Dean
Title: Thats What You Get
Rathing: R, Ed has anger management issues
Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary: Looks like someone was putting the moves on the whole room.

( Come on, you're just hung over, you're not going to die )

That's What You Get
Lovely Dean
Title: That's What You Get
Rating: R, Ed and his penchant for cursing
Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary: Rascally Xingian Royalty

( LING! You promised Al you'd watch me! )

Empty Earth-A Multi-Fandom RPG
Empty Earth


Existence is made up of many different realities, and each of these is unaware of its hidden counterparts. Every reality contains its own worlds, its own stories; some realities even contain parallel universes within themselves. But each reality is separate, and never before has any reality interacted with another.

Beyond Existence itself there is something else. Something more. Something terrible.

Now, all of Existence has been devastated by an unknown and unimaginable force, ripped to shreds and left floating in the void.

But hope remains.

Something else is out there, and it's trying to fix things. This force is finding whatever survivors it can, and tucking them away in a new reality, to keep them safe, while it works to fix the damage.

If the damage can be fixed.

Check it out


"Who is this kid?"

You wake up, hazy and groggy on the cold ground. As your eyes adjust to the dim night moon, you realize that it's not the moon that the light is coming from. Two huge eyes glow, the size of dinner plates, columns of light leaving them and scanning over your person. The soft white light, however, suddenly glows red, and an piercing alarm sounds off. "IT'S A BUUUUUGGGGG~~~!"

Welcome to theblackpriests
You're in Europe, imaginary end of the nineteenth century. You've been sucked through a dimensional rip in the space time continuum created by the mad-scientist experiments of the Black Order's Science Division. Coincidentally, you've been spewed out at the front doors of the Organization, one in which is not supposed to exist. You won't tell anyone will you? Ah well, better not to risk it.

Joining the Black Order
The Black Priests is a panfandom RPG set in the D. Gray Man world. Ever wanted to fight against akuma? Or battle a rampaging Komurin? Then this is the place for you! We welcome characters from all fandoms here. Take your pick between the various jobs within the Order... perhaps even being eventually gifted with an Innocence of your own! Apps are the first Saturday of every month. We look forward to seeing you at the door!

Here is our taken characters list.  Any fandom is welcome!
Knowledge of DGM canon isn't necessary! 
Or you can play the canon characters too! We're in serious need of Allen, Kanda, Krory and Link!
We hope to hear from you soon!

Life After Truth Chapter 7
Lovely Dean

Title: Life After Truth Chapter 7
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: Call for allies. 
Previous Chapters found on The Master List



( in trying to be obvious )

Edward and Alphonse are cute, but they can be even more cute when they're done of... paper. ;)

(Click me for pics!)


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