Apricot and Lavender Brown Butter Tea Cakes

Apricot and Lavender Brown Butter Tea Cakes

When I saw this recipe on Tartelette, I knew I had to make these tea cakes. I had greenmarket apricots waiting to get eaten, and lavender, and anything with a stick of butter, browned, has to be good, right?

These tea cakes are gluten-free, and the powdered sugar and rice flour mean they are light and fluffy, while the ground almonds give them body and everything else gives them amazing flavor. They are also really easy to make, even without an electric mixer, and don't spend too long in the oven -- mine ended up baking for about 23 minutes, which isn't so bad, even on a hot summer day.

Flower Sugar

  1. Select edible flowers grown without pesticides. Lavender and roses are good choices.
  2. If the flowers are small, such as lavender, leave them attached. With roses, remove the petals and discard the stem.
  3. Place 1 cup of sugar into a zip-top bag.
  4. Add flowers to sugar.
  5. Squeeze out the air from the bag and seal.
  6. Let rest for 3 to 4 days.
  7. Sift the sugar from the flowers.
  8. Store sugar in an airtight container.
  9. Use flower sugar as a sprinkle for cookies or a sweetener for tea.
  10. Makes 1 cup.

This comm needs to come back to life :(


Pink Lavender Lemonade

I found this online looking for good things to make with all the lavender we grew this year. it's really good but takes just a little bit of time and effort to make.

Pink Lavender Lemonade
Equipment needed:
Medium saucepan, strainer, large pitcher

2 ½ c Water
1 ½ c Sugar
½ c Frozen or fresh, hulled strawberries (I actually used raspberries because I didn't have any and it turned out amazing!)
¼ c Fresh Lavender flowers chopped
2 ¼ c Fresh Meyer Lemon juice (I don't really know what that was so I  just used reg. lemon juice and added in the sugar suggested below)
2 ½ c Water
½ c Sugar (optional) If using Meyers lemons, sugar may not be required.
Fresh Lavender flowers for garnish
In Medium saucepan, combine 2 ½ cups water, sugar and strawberries. Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Reduce heat. Simmer 5 minutes to extract pink from strawberries. Remove from heat. Stir in lavender. Cover and cool. Strain cooled liquid into large pitcher, gently pressing juice from berries. Add remaining 2 ½ cups water and lemon juice. Stir well. Add ½ cup more sugar, if desired. Just before serving, add ice cubes. Pour into chilled glasses. Garnish with lavender flowers.

Yield: 6-8 Servings