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are you a flirt?

flirt with us <3

& We're The Biggest Flirts..
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The Community

Welcome to _flirts_. This community, has two different applications, one for people who want to be rated on opinions, and their personality, and people who want to be rated on looks and opinions and personality. Looks don't count for everything. But, they will count for something in the rating process. You do not get any extra points or anything for posting either application.

The Rules

☆ You must make all entrys friends only!
☆ You must join the community to post your application.
☆ Once you have joined the community, you must post your application within 48 hours (2 days) of joining.
☆ There is no excuse for rudeness (from Moderators, or members.)
☆ You must get a minimum of 50 points per month to be deemed "active."
☆ You may not post any other post other than your application post, before you are a stamped member.
☆ Once you are stamped, you may post as you please.
☆ Your salute shot must be taken and posted within 72 hours (3 days) of becoming a stamped member.
☆ You must promote atleast once a month (you will recieve more points the more times you promote in a month.)
☆ You must be 13 years or older to post your application to this community.

Posting Your Application

☆ You must have the community friended in order to post your application.
☆ You must post your application within 48 hours (2 days) of joining.
☆ You must place your application under an lj cut. If you don't know how to do this, please ask either a member, moderator, or maintainer someone will be able to help you.
☆ You must replace what the cut is with "I love to flirt!" and which application you are submitting.

The Applications

Application 1 (No pictures of self needed in this application post.)

Application 2 - The picture application. (This application, you will have to post pictures in.) -- please do NOT post your salute in the application.

The Rules for Voting

☆ In the Subject of your comment you must put Yes/No. It makes the process of tallying up votes alot easier on the maintainers part.
☆ You as members and voters are NOT allowed to give the applicant a problem. (Such as "omg, your pro-life! I'm so gonna have to give you a no.") there are nice ways to get your opinion across please use them.
☆ You may point out problems in the application, such as spelling, missing a question etc. If the problem is a problem which needs fixed right away, please kindly ask them to change it. We as maintainers and mods will try our hardest to watch every application. We will let you know if an application has been removed due to problems in the app.

Being Accepted

☆ In order to be accepted and stamped, you must recieve more yes votes, than no votes.
☆ After you are accepted, you are required to make a salute to the community. The salute must say your user name clearly. That is the only requirement for this, but you may also write anything else you want on it as long as we can clearly see your user name. (This is a required thing, but you will also recieve 50 pts for doing so. Not completing the salute, will result in your automatic rejection [even if your application has been approved.] You have 72 hours (3 days) to complete the salute. You may try again in a week.)
☆ You must promote, once a month. And link us back to the post. For each additional time after the first time you will recieve 5 pts. Promoting (for the first couple of weeks, will get you 10 pts for each additional promotion after the first one.
☆ After you are a stamped member, you must maintain an average of 50 pts a month, being as you can promote 10 times and still get your minimum requirements for the month, we do not think this is very hard.

Being Rejected

☆ Your application will be rejected if you recieve more No votes than Yes votes.
☆ You may post another application in a week.
☆ If you have no plans on posting another application, please unfriend the community.
☆ Please after your application is rejected, do not make a long rant post to the community, it is unnesicary, and will be deleted promptly.

Points System

☆ Completing Application & salute - 50 pts.
☆ Promoting 5 pts. (SPECIAL! - 10 pts. every time you promote, till we have 25 members.)
☆ Completing the Scavenger hunt with no self taken pictures 20 pts.
☆ Completing the Scavenger hunt with self taken pictures 20 pts. And 10 pts. extra for every self taken picture.
☆ Completing the Theme 100 pts.
☆ Completing the Superlative 50 pts.

Turning in your Points

☆ 10 pts. - Free blinkie. (When I get my Animation shop back.)
☆ 50 pts. - Free pass. (No promoting or worrying about doing anything in the month you turn your pass in for. GREAT FOR VACA MONTHS!!)
☆ 200 pts. - Auto reject. (Use this to automatically reject someone you don't want to be in the community, now if you use your auto reject, they may still post another application, in a week. You may use another auto reject again if you have one.)
☆ 500 pts. - Auto Accept (Use this to help one of your friends into the community.)

Different Activities

This community has a few different activitys that will go on. Superlative (which is where I and the co-maintainer and co-mods will decide on something like "best smile" or something like that. and you will have the chance to enter and see if you win.), Scavenger hunt (this is just a fun type thing, where you can either find all of the items listed on the scavenger list online and post pictures of them, or you can use your own camara and try to get as many pictures as you can of things listed on the list.), Theme (this is another fun thing we will do. We're not sure if Theme's are going to be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly yet. But, themes could be something like take a picture of a shirt, pants, shoes, a purse, socks, and jewelry, and make them into an outfit. Or something like that.)


☆ The link to the Superlative post every two weeks will be listed here under this category, you will post your answers and your pictures in comments. Then we will take a vote. The rules to the Superlative will be in the post that the Superlative theme is in, and will be put under the superlative category.



☆ Please post an entry for this.

☆The top 10 things you want for your birthday!☆


☆ The list of the things on the Scavenger will be under this category, once we get a list, and get it up here.

☆A monkey
☆A stuffed animal (Dog)

The Members

emptymelodiesx3 AIM:DarknessFaery07 50 points (50 points for the month of August.)☆

d3adh0m13z AIM:D3adh0m13z 50 points (50 points for the month of August.)☆
hottie_101_chic AIM:Heather871512 50 points (50 points for the month of August.)☆

punk_rock_gc_47 AIM:xElEmEnTxBaM47 50 points (50 points for the month of August.)☆

The Moderators

Love us, respect us.
Points Maintainer & Co-Moderator: tension_terror2