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Bonsoir monde!

So I think I'm a first time poster, actually I'm positive I'm a first time poster.

Here are the little things...

My name is Christian

I go to Rowe High School in McAllen

I have been Captain of our school's guard for two years; this will be my second year.

I started flags when I was a sophomore, tried out for officer end of that year, and got captain, did the same thing the next year, and now I'm a Senior.

My school doesn't do any weapons, we just do flags because we've never had a real flag teacher, so. However, this year we're going to hire someone, so who knows what could happen. I picked up a small amount of sabre and rifle at the Kingsville Band Camp around two weeks ago.

Flags came to me quite easily, and I think that's due to the fact that I'm a guy, that and well I'm gay. Because let's face it, not all guy flags are good just because they're guys. Aww, I sound all chauvinistic and arrogant right now! Oh well!

I'm off!
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