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the first entry........dun dun dun

hey everyone! Im Marcus......i created this community cause i knew there was alot of people that had live journals and were in guard and i thought it would be cool to have our own community! hahahah that and i have no life besides guard. so yeah i know that it looks like crap right now but trust me ill fix it up in days to come. i just to get the word going about this.

well to give u some Marcus. im the only guy in the McAllen Memorial Colorguard.and thats kinda cool i guess haha i made the rifle line this year woop woop! and im really good at it. for some reason guard came simple to me. lol maybe cause im a guy! THATS RIGHT I SAID IT! lol . im going to be a junior and yeah.......ummmmmm ima a homo...i think if u would read my LJ that would be a given.haha lol

so if ur a first time poster just put say who u are and what school u come from and that would be cool.

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