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A Jubilee Fan Community
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An orphan. A mutant. A hero. Jubilation Lee has been all this and more since she first graced the pages of marvel comics years ago. Enabled with the ability to launch fireworks from her hands, and a personality to match, Jubilee has traveled the globe with her buddy, Wolverine, fought aganist the worst villians the comic world has ever seen, and still found time to hit the mall before closing. And now, with her future uncertain, this community has been created to immortalize the one and only Jubes.

Da Rules!

1) Respect the other community members. No mudslinging!

2) While tanget topics about Marvel and the other X-men are fine, let's try to keep things mainly about jubes.

3) Wallpapers, icons, fanfiction, fan art, etc. are accepted and encouraged. Please post oversized art and spoliers behind cut tags though.

4) Keep things PG-13! This is a big one, people. No sexual references, no nudity in artwork, easy on the swearing.

And with that said, enjoy!

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