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The Finest Community

For Fine Bitzches Like You

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F.riggan I.ngenious N.otorious (Yet) E.nchanting B
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

THIS COMMUNITY HAS MOVED TO _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s _kill3rbitzch3s

Welcome to

Read the Following

-1- You must stay active
-A-If you are going on vacation contact a mod and tell them.
-B-If you don't update your journal for 3 weeks. You will be
taken out of the community.
-C-If you don't participate in contest/themes/voting/etc. You
will be questioned and either warned/take leave/or be banned.
-2- Promote please.
-A-Please be considerate of other communities promoting rules.
-B-Promote in your user info.
-C-If you wish to promote a community, contact a mod, once
you get the OK. Go ahead. Otherwise, don't do it.
-3- Respect fellow members.
-A-Take catfights out of this community.
-B-No bashing of other members.
-C-If you disrespect a mod, you are automatically banned.
-4- Vote Yes or No in the subject line.
-A-Would you like hunting for an answer? No..So do it.
-5- You can be bitchy.
-A-But not too bitchy.
-6- If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, do not
comment in a Mod's personal.
-A-Our email's and IM names are available in our userinfo's.
-B-Spam our inboxes and die.
-7- Feel free to post pictures.
-A-They must be under an lj cut. (See
if you don't know what an lj-cut is.)
-B-If there is nudity. Please fore warn in the lj-cut.
-8- Long entries or quizzes must go under an lj-cut. (See
if you don't know what an lj-cut is.)
-9- This is our community. So please feel free to post whatever.
-A-As long as it falls under these rules.

-1- Application must go behind an lj-cut.
if you don't know what an lj-cut is.
-B-If not behind an lj-cut, you will be asked to immediantly
put it behind one, failure to do so within 24-48 hours will result in
automatic rejection.
-2- To see if you've read the rules the subject line must say.
"I'm a friggan (Choose one of the following I.ngenious N.otorious
E.nchanting) bitznch"
-3- On the question about seeing the evil kittie laughing
put.."Yes I see the demonic squirrel and crazed duck with the kittie
-4- Go ahead and show off your html skills.
-A- It must be readable. No lime green .5 size font.
-5- If you disrespect a mod or member. Automatic reject.
-6- You can apply again in a week if rejected.
-A-In that subject line put "I thought I was a friggan (Again
choose) bitznch."
-B-Please put a link somewhere in your NEW application to
your old one or at least the date that you applied. (So we can see
what exactly you've changed.)
-7- The regular, you can only comment in your own application
until you are accepted. After that, please post. And. Stay active
-8- You must post your application within 2 days of joining.
-A-We will vote on your application for 2 days or until you
have 15 votes.
-9- In the application, please post a 100x100(preferrably that
but if your face is smashed you may make it 100x75) pixel picture of
yourself for the memberlist/info.
-A- If you need the picture to be resize and you cannot do
it, please post which picture you want for the memberlist and
we'll resize it for you.
-B- The above does not mean you can be lazy and make us do
all of the resizing. Got it?</b>

The current contest is:

No Current Contest

This month's theme is:

♥Celeberties you like and dislike and why♥
(April 20-May 1)

You're all probably wondering about the Bitzch part of the name in FineB.

Here's the story:

One day a while ago your Moderator Heather decided to try and type
biznatch and forgot the na and screwed the rest up. Once your other
Moderator Sharayah saw this comment on her journal she decided to
guess on what Heather meant. Now this part of the story gets quite
foggy in my mind so excuse the parts that are, indeed, not correct.
Heather saw the questioning of her new word, and decided to adopt it
therefore, deciding to use it this time around for the community.

The End



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Meet your fellow F.I.N.E Bitzches

Sister Communities


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Want to become a sister community? Contact one of the mods. (Links below)

Contact x__i_heart_bert if she's not online

Contact imafall3nstar if she's not online

♥Graphics and Layout - x__i_heart_bert
♥Userinfo(And Some Graphics) - imafall3nstar
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