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So, so, so my little bitzchs. We've got 2 new members. Keep promoting. Or I'll hurt you. Seriously. Tomorrow I will be gone at state finals for winterguard. I'll come back and catch up. Right now. I have to pack for finals day. Clean my room. Eat supper. And be a lil lazy cuz I just got back from practice.
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New Theme

This theme is pretty much done and over and about everyone has done it.

So I guess the new theme is:
List of all your nicknames, why, and which is your favorite!!

This is going to be a kind of temporary theme until Heather and I can come up with a new one.

Have fun!


A Few Things


First. We have a new layout.
Just thought that I would let you all know.

Second. Heather and I have decided that we NEED to get this community going. We worked hard to get it started. We don't want it to die like this.
We want you guys to promote.
Post in promoting communities or communities you are already in.
Or have some of your friends join.
We have 5 auto accepts left.

Third. We also decided that we will have a banner making contest. So, make all the banners you want and post them. The contest will last til the 25th of this month. Just have fun with it. :)

Fourth. Heather and I will be in California from April 1st to (I believe) April 8th. Just to let you all know. I think Heather has who will run this under control.

So everyone.
Let's try to make this community come back to life.
Just post whatever.
Something funny.
Doesn't really matter.
Thank you

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