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Alright Bitzches. Here's the deal.

The theme once the mods spring break is over. April 8th. That friday. You should post pictures of your spring break or of you that week. whatever floats your boat.

We have members. Now Promote.

For those of you who've joined and not posted an application. If you don't by. Let's say. Wednesday. We'll ban you from this community. Yes. Harsh but. You may be sucking off of our graphics and such. Then we shall report you to livejournal.com abuse and such. Or on our way to California..I'll make sure I stop the plan close to your house. And delete every file off of your computer. Capiesh? Yes Damn it I know I spelled it wrong but who cares.

Members promote like you've never promoted before. We have banners and stuff. just copy the code and post in communities if you are ALLOWED. I don't want to get hate mail/comments from pissed off mods. Hokay?

Thursday night Sharayah and I shall be leaving for our trip to Los Angeles. The temporary mod will be hawtxjuly or babyscarling whichever one she decides to use. Any problems. contact her. We shall resume our positions the 7th of April. Our flight gets in at 5:10am to Indianapolis the 6th. Jet lag and such one of us will be online. Give us a day to catch up for a week we've been gone.

Thank you all.


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My list of nicknames is really short, so I didn't bother with a cut. If you want one, just lemme know.

Actually. I'm like halfway done with this post now, and realize I have more nicknames than I thought. *inserting cut*

Name: TaylorCollapse )

Those are all the ones I can think of at the moment.

Ah. I love not going to school. =)

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How many of you watch American Idol?
I do.
If you do, who do you want to leave tonight and who do you want to win?
As you can tell (from my icon) I want either Bo or Carrie to win.
And as much as I used to love Makala(sp???????), she needs to go.
If it was for personality, it would be Scott in a heartbeat. He annoys me to no end...

we're dying here...

what's up you guys?
seems like the community is dying down...

I've been busy promoting as much as possible trying to get us some more members...
but we need to stay active around here!

comeon!!! we gotta keep it together :]
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story of the year


Um. I made this promo banner..

I'll put this under a cut if you want..

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Use it if you want to, the pic is hosted by tiny pic so you don't have to upload it to your own server.. direct link the hell out of it, just copy and paste =D

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Samantha... I hate my name.
Sammy... Anyone who knew me before I moved to Louisiana still calls me this.
Sam... I was called that In the 6th grade when I mived to Louisiana and it just kinda stuck.
Sammie... a different spelling of the name before because it was different people and thats the way they spell it.
SamWise... some friends and I became obsessed with Lord of the Rings... the name speaks for itself.

My favorite is Sam, plain, but its what everyone calls me.
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We've had some new members.
Can't really name them off at the moment..
But they've joined and need to post an app either today or tomorrow.
I'm sure they know who they are.
I may edit this entry when I'm not a lazzy ass and post their names.
Just so those people know.

We still have the theme going!
List of you nicknames, why, and which is your favorite
And banner making contest is still going as well.