x__i_heart_bert (x__i_heart_bert) wrote in _fineb_,

Fullname: Sharayah
1| Sharunka- My friend/brother(not really a brother, but might as well be) started to call me that. Because he has a habbit of making my name into something weird.
2| Sharunkadunk- Heather came up with that. I still don't know WHY
3| Dunk- Just the shortened version of above. I like this one better. haha.
4| Shay- I've had this nickname since..forever. My name is Sharayah so you can see why.
5| Shaya- My friend Aaron calls me that. And it kinda sticks.
6| ShayShay- Retard nickname. Just people being dumb
7| RayRay- Em. Same thing but I actually like it.
8| Colonel- Eigth grade, my s.s. teacher was doing a civil war re-enactmen and he made me a colonel. Well, my last name is Sanders. Put the two together......
8| Sharawraw- *sigh* My 7th grade teacher was illiterate. You pronounce my name Sha-ray-Uh. HE pronounced it like it's spelled.
9| Duckey- ...I'm still not sure WHY I'm Duckey??

So I guess my favorite is either Duckey, Shaya, or Dunk.
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