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I'm a friggan E.nchanting bitznch


♥Nickname Sam or Sammie
♥Age 15
♥Gender Female
♥Birthday June 13
♥Sexual Preference straight
♥Location Louisiana


(Maximum of 5 of everything..I don't want to know every movie you've seen or every band you listen to.)
Brand New
The Shins
The Postal Service
Death Cab for Cutie
The libertines
Such Great Heights
Seventy Times 7
Watch the World
Nightmare before Christmas
♥Animal: Penguins!
♥Actor/ress: Dominic Monaghan
♥Video/Board/Card Game: Eh... none really...
♥Movie Preview: Nadda
♥Book/Author/Series: LOTR
♥Quote: Fighting for War is like Fucking for Virginity
♥Body Part: Hands
♥Subject in School: English
♥Website: www.epilogue.net

♥This or That♥
♥Coke or Pepsi? Coke
♥Britney or Xtina? Eh... neither.
♥Email or Old School? Email
♥Livejournal or Xanga? El-Jay
imafall3nstar or x__i_heart_bert? Do I really have to pick? to damn hard.
♥Roller Coaster or Kiddie Rides? Roller Coaster
♥Cat or Duck OR Squirrel? DUCKIES!


♥Tell us something funny about yourself: I am an elf on the weekends and a hobbit the rest of the time
♥Tell us something random: Swiss Cheese is not from France
♥Put a few lines/lyrics of a song you're listening to right now.
They will see us waving from such great heights... come down now...
♥What makes you a fineb? I just freaking am... sumtimes... that is, teehee!
♥Why should we let you in? Cus I want to be here.
♥Oh tell us where you found out about us. Just for reference. I dont remember...
♥Do you see the evil kitty laughing? Yes I see the demonic squirrel and crazed duck with the kittie
♥Try to explain the crazyness of the mods(For the fun of it): Tis unexplainable
♥Tell me your hobbies: acting, writing, singing, and whatever seems fun at the moment
♥Do you like that we don't have any opinions? Yes. Because most of the time, I have none anyway.
♥Make me laugh hysterically with a joke or a picture:
A preist, a petafile, and a rapist walk into the bar. And that was just the first guy.

Minimum of 3..Maximum of 7 Please remember the 100x100 or 100x75 pixel picture.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com 
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