Heather (darkseitetsu) wrote in _fineb_,

I'm a friggan I.ngenious bitznch


Name Heather
Nickname Seiteki or Sei
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday August 12th
Sexual Preference Bi Curious
Location Las Vegas >D~

(Maximum of 5 of everything..I don't want to know every movie you've
seen or every band you listen to.)

Bands: Green Day, Puffy AmiYumi, Rammstein, O-Zone
Songs: right now? Probably Wild Girls On Circuit by Puffy AmiYumi
Movies: right now, Constantine.
Animal: I have too many favorites o.o;;; Um, birds!
Actor/ress: Don't favor any really :\ Though I do like Clark Gable & Humphrey Bogart ^^;;; Old timers.
Video/Board/Card Game: Constantine is amusing me right now... but I do love the old melee games :)
Movie Preview: The Grudge. It made it look better than it was lol but it wasn't bad.
Book/Author/Series: Cut I LOVE. And any manga you can think of =P
Quote: With love, you open yourself to endless misery, but without it, you do not know which misery is worse...
Body Part: I love hands, you can do so much with them >D and eyes.
Subject in School: Science. Chemistry, specifically. I'm a nerd.
Website: http://www.livejournal.com , http://www.deviantart.com , http://www.olichat.com

This or That

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
Britney or Xtina? Britney
Email or Old School? E-mail
Livejournal or Xanga? Livejournal
imafall3nstar or x__i_heart_bert? imafall3nstar! She's my morbid twin :)
Roller Coaster or Kiddie Rides? Roller Coaster
Cat or Duck OR Squirrel? Duckie :) Though I know Heather is the cat ;)


Tell us something funny about yourself: I'm not very funny o.o Heather says that all the time ^^;
Tell us something random: My BF is WAY older than me o.o
Put a few lines/lyrics of a song you're listening to right now. I was his from the moment we first met, from a solo to duet, it took no time. Call it fate, or just two hearts magnetized, but I never felt so high, since he's been mine.
What makes you a fineb? Well, the guys seem to think I am o.o I disagree, but I figured I'd apply anyways since Heather wants more members :)
Why should we let you in? Because I want to be with my morbid twin! >D
Oh tell us where you found out about us. Just for reference. Heather, she left a link in my journal
Do you see the evil kitty laughing? Yes I see the demonic squirrel and crazed duck with the kittie
Try to explain the crazyness of the mods(For the fun of it): It's impossible!
Tell me your hobbies: drawing, singing, computer crap, etc
Do you like that we don't have any opinions? YES. lol
Make me laugh hysterically with a joke or a picture: http://www.funpic.hu/swf/numanuma.html <--- THE BEST THING EVER!


Minimum of 3..Maximum of 7

Please remember the 100x100 or 100x75 pixel picture.

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