x__i_heart_bert (x__i_heart_bert) wrote in _fineb_,


♥Pictures of Friends, Favorite Band's Picture, Picture of the
Cover of your favorite movie, and Favorite Hat♥

Pictures of Friends:

I have more friends then those two retards but I'm lazy and I don't feel like finding the other 50 million pictures of friends. :p

Favorite Band's Picture:

The Used. (hence x__i_heart_bert. Bert is the lead singer. :D)

Evanescence. I love em :)

Taking Back Sunday. They are hawt.

Favoite Movies:

The Goonies. XD

My all time favorite movie!

Very good movie. And the book is good too.

Favorite Hat:

My friend Matt, he lives next door, and that is his hat. I plan on stealing it from him. :)
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