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I'm a friggan E.nchanting bitznch


♥Name Jamie
♥Nickname Any variation of Jamie, really... James, Jamison, Jamek, Jamima, yada yada. My cousin calls me Nienna for some reason, though. I never fully understood that one.
♥Age Seventeen
♥Gender Female
♥Birthday July 5, 1987
♥Sexual Preference Straight
♥Location Nekoosa, Wisconsin


♥Bands: hellogoodbye, Something Corporate, Saves The Day, Reel Big Fish, and Green Day
♥Songs: "Only One" by Yellowcard, "Work" by Jimmy Eat World, and "Untitled" by Simple Plan
♥Movies: "Anchorman," "The Incredibles," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Phantom of the Opera," and the Lord of the Rings movies
♥Animal: Dolphin
♥Actor/ress: Johnny Depp and Julia Stiles
♥Video/Board/Card Game: Cranium, Solitaire, and Trivia Pursuit
♥Movie Preview: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
♥Book/Author/Series: "The Great Gatsby," "Grapes of Wrath," "Animal Farm," and Gregory Maguire books
♥Quote: "Live like there's no tomorrow, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching." That's our senior class motto. :(
♥Body Part: Right pinky.
♥Subject in School: Human Antatomy and Choir
♥Website: www.toothpastefordinner.com

♥This or That♥

♥Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke. I love diet coke.
♥Britney or Xtina? I'd have to go with Britney, I guess. She was my first cd way back in the day.
♥Email or Old School? Email, but it's nice to get a card snail mail once and a while.
♥Livejournal or Xanga? Livejournal.
imafall3nstar or x__i_heart_bert? x__i_heart_bert
♥Roller Coaster or Kiddie Rides? Roller Coaster.
♥Cat or Duck OR Squirrel? Squirrel. I ran one over a while back and cried, haha.


♥Tell us something funny about yourself: I have more gay guy friends than straight ones. Not so much funny as..ironic.
♥Tell us something random: I wore new leather sandals today and they left big blisters on my feet.
♥Put a few lines/lyrics of a song you're listening to right now. "So I try to hold onto/A time when nothing mattered/And I can't explain what happened/And I can't erase the things that I've done"
♥What makes you a fineb? I'm original and fun. I like to be myself and I love being me.
♥Why should we let you in? I can bring a different type of person to the community. And because I'm just so darn awesome! ;)
♥Oh tell us where you found out about us. Just for reference. An advertisment in whoafreelayouts
♥Do you see the evil kitty laughing? Yes I see the demonic squirrel and crazed duck with the kittie too.
♥Try to explain the crazyness of the mods: I think that the mods are just like every other teenage girlfriends - when they're together, crazy things occur. :) Much like me and my friends.
♥Tell me your hobbies: I love music. I play every instrument ever, pretty much, and I love to sing. I'm planning on pursuing some type of music-related career, but the lines are still a little foggy on that one. I also like to design clothes and such, but it's more of a hobby than something that I would ever actually try to do for a job. Otherwise, I love hanging out in my local coffeehouse watching bands or doing homework or just plain hanging out with my friends. I also like to write poetry and short stories and hope to have a novel published before I die.
♥Do you like that we don't have any opinions? Haha, yes, actually. It gets a little frustrating writing the same things in every community you apply for.
♥Make me laugh hysterically with a joke or a picture: What do you call a deer with no eyes? No eye-dear (idear)! Har har. I used that one in a concert that I hosted at my school..pretty lame. :)


That was on top of the Empire State Building..that's why my hair is flying up. :)

Last summer, a friend and I went shopping and found those fake tongue studs and we decided that we'd freak our parents out by coming home with fake studs in. Well, hers fell out when she showed her mom, and I forgot to put mine in when I showed my dad. We're so hardcore...or something.


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