April 8th, 2005

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Who wants to see some of the pictures from my trip. Because I'm not posting every friggan one of the 409 I took.

I've got some of...

-the rocky mountains
-a tunnel
-random buildings and things from LA
-LA skyline
-more random stuff
-pictures of LA clubs
-houses and trees
-hard rock cafe building
-random PEOPLE of LA
-Dirty signs..
-tour guide and people I know
-Sharayah with ducks
-Sharayah, Katilin and I messing around on a big fake rock
-pictures of me with Hercules, Alice and such
-Queen Mary
-on the way to Catalina Island
-pictures OF Catalina
-the glass bottom boat tour
-our scenic tour of Catalina
-more random shops and people I know
-that fucking cat on a roof
-on the way back to Long Beach from Catalina
-the picture of the LAMP that attacked me, and my scar which..is an L
-Medival Times
-The effing hottest squire I've ever seen in my ENTIRE lifeee
-taking off
-overview of LA at night

Just tell me which ones.