March 21st, 2005


Hi everyone!!!

Even though I have yet to be officially accepted as a _fineb_
I've been busy promoting away!

I've posted in the following communitites::

I'm working on some other communities now...
so yeah.

For those of you who haven't voted on my application yet, please do!
I submitted it yesterday and have gotten 4 votes so far.

Well, hope everyone has a great day!
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(no subject)

Samantha... I hate my name.
Sammy... Anyone who knew me before I moved to Louisiana still calls me this.
Sam... I was called that In the 6th grade when I mived to Louisiana and it just kinda stuck.
Sammie... a different spelling of the name before because it was different people and thats the way they spell it.
SamWise... some friends and I became obsessed with Lord of the Rings... the name speaks for itself.

My favorite is Sam, plain, but its what everyone calls me.
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(no subject)

We've had some new members.
Can't really name them off at the moment..
But they've joined and need to post an app either today or tomorrow.
I'm sure they know who they are.
I may edit this entry when I'm not a lazzy ass and post their names.
Just so those people know.

We still have the theme going!
List of you nicknames, why, and which is your favorite
And banner making contest is still going as well.