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Imma friggan N.otorious bizzatch, hO.


?Name Brittany Lauren
?Nickname Britt
?Age 15
?Gender Female
?Birthday August 22nd
?Sexual Preference Boys, they rock my small world
?Location Fort Walton Beach, Florida

(Maximum of 5 of everything..I don't want to know every movie you've
seen or every band you listen to.)

o1 - Catuerize
o2.- The Used
o3.- Jimmy Buffette
o4.- Ashlee Simpson (gulity pleasure, heh)
o1 - Shooting Stars - Catuerize
o2. - Margitiaville - Jimmy Buffette
o3. Dear Momma - Tupac
o1. The Notebook
o2. Some like it hot
o1. Giraffe
o2. Penquin
o1. Hughe Grant
o2. Julia Roberts
?Video/Board/Card Game:
o1. Guess Who
o2. Pacman
o3. Super Mario Brothers (for super ninetdo) heh
?Movie Preview: I dont think I have one, they bug me. lol
o1. Coming Clean - Jorge Valdez
"Your mom goes to college" - Kip, from Napoleon Dynamite.
I had one from Marilyn Monroe...but it was really long, and I forgot it.
?Body Part:
My eyes.
?Subject in School:

?This or That?

?Coke or Pepsi? Coke.
?Britney or Xtina? Britney
?Email or Old School? Email, so much faster.
?Livejournal or Xanga? Livejournal, I hated my xanga
?imafall3nstar or x__i_heart_bert? I cant really say, I dont know them. So I say both they are both gorgeous and I love their community
?Roller Coaster or Kiddie Rides? Roller coaster
?Cat or Duck OR Squirrel? DUCK


?Tell us something funny about yourself: I am double jointed in my thumbs, hips, & arms
?Tell us something random: I am eatting a hamburger
?Put a few lines/lyrics of a song you're listening to right now. I'm watching tv...the coke commercial "Put a lime in the coconut..."
?What makes you a fineb? I think because, I am. lol
?Why should we let you in? You dont have to, but if you wanna i'll be like "OH YUSS SWEET!", but I will promote and all that.
?Oh tell us where you found out about us. Just for reference. krissii_xo
?Do you see the evil kitty laughing? Only on, but man that cracked me up. Hold on lemme give you the link...
?Try to explain the crazyness of the mods(For the fun of it): Huh?
?Tell me your hobbies: Beach, friends, watchin tv, partyin', takin pictures and sleeping.
?Do you like that we don't have any opinions? Yes, because they are the same ones over and over. I love this application it is like...refreshing
?Make me laugh hysterically with a joke or a picture: this cracks me up


Minimum of 3..Maximum of 7
Please remember the 100x100 or 100x75 pixel picture.

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