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List of your nicknames, why, and which is your favorite

My Nicknames::

»Krissi/Kristy ((they're short for my real name:: Kristen))
»squirrel ((one day my sisters just started calling me a squirrel... it was quite random actually. lol))
»monkey ((my friend sara noticed how much I love julius by:paul frank))
»netsirk ((one day my friends and I were bored in chemistry and started spelling our names backwards))
»christina ((my x-stepmom would always call me that cause she knew it annoyed me))
»krissii-poo ((we must have been on something, but my friends lauren and angie started this name... they are also known as lolo-bell and angipangi. hehe))
»blondy ((I used to be blonde and cause I can be air-headed at times))
»slim slim ((cause I'm actually really slim))

Out of all of my nicknames Krissii is my favorite.

I have more nicknames... but I'm sure you're all pretty bored reading them. lol
so... thats it for now. k. toodalou!
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