mattgoodman (mattgoodman) wrote in _fineb_,

im a friggan N.otorious bitznch


♥Name Matthew Russell Goodman
♥Nickname King matt
♥Age 13
♥Gender m
♥Birthday april 10, 91
♥Sexual Preference anal.
♥Location next door to sharayah

(Maximum of 5 of everything..I don't want to know every movie you've
seen or every band you listen to.)

♥Bands: dead kennedys, the polyphonic spree, u.s roughnecks, anti-flag and the casualties
♥Songs: come sail away, stairway to heaven, kinky sex makes the world go round, and nazi punks fuck off
♥Movies: slc punk, the anarchist cookbook, office space, garage days, and city of god
♥Animal: moosen
♥Actor/ress: jack black
♥Video/Board/Card Game: fable, halo, or guitaroo man
♥Movie Preview: that sic city looks good
♥Book/Author/Series: john brown and the gospel according to larry books
♥Quote: ' im not lazy i just dont care" Anti-flag
♥Body Part: the mammaries
♥Subject in School: ehh.. lunch?

♥This or That♥

♥Coke or Pepsi? neither.. against caffine and sugar ( long thing)
♥Britney or Xtina? xtina
♥Email or Old School? old school
♥Livejournal or Xanga? xanga
imafall3nstar or x__i_heart_bert?Note:Do not base this on one certain aspect of each moderator. Base it overall. You can delete this note when doing your application.
♥Roller Coaster or Kiddie Rides? coasters
♥Cat or Duck OR Squirrel? ducks.. im afraid of squirels


♥Tell us something funny about yourself: i pretended to be gay to pick up chicks once
♥Tell us something random: im not wearing legwarmers
♥Put a few lines/lyrics of a song you're listening to right now. it aint cocoa cola, its rice ( Thye Clash- Straight to hell)
♥What makes you a fineb? ermm.. me having a shexy mowhawk
♥Why should we let you in? cos.. i rock
♥Oh tell us where you found out about us. Just for reference. sha.. err I_heart_bert
♥Do you see the evil kitty laughing?.. "Yes I see the demonic squirrel and crazed duck with the kittie

♥Try to explain the crazyness of the mods(For the fun of it): hrm.. erm.. not much to say that hasnt already been said really lol
♥Tell me your hobbies: rockin, fighting the system, and making my crazy ass theories
♥Do you like that we don't have any opinions? yes, so you cant judje me for being so awesome
♥Make me laugh hysterically with a joke or a picture: okay.. lookat my face
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Minimum of 3..Maximum of 7Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Please remember the 100x100 or 100x75 pixel picture.
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