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The Finest Community [entries|friends|calendar]
F.riggan I.ngenious N.otorious (Yet) E.nchanting B

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promo [Tuesday
05 17 05 | 10:08pm]

hey ladiezzz

come join this new and amazing community I found <3


<3 u all
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I'm a friggan E.nchanting bitznch [Wednesday
05 11 05 | 09:05pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

application hereCollapse )

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05 06 05 | 03:34pm]

Fucking promote.
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04 23 05 | 06:27pm]

I hate how one attemtped to quit. But we got her to stay.
I'm afraid of the rest of you leaving.

It's your fault you didn't help promote and the community died.

Has no one seen the goddamned new applicant?

*Stress mark*


And this whole. I'm quitting but OH YES you can add me thing. What the hell is that? You can be friends on this community. You people are psychotic you know that?

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stamped/leaving [Saturday
04 23 05 | 05:22pm]

[ mood | cold ]

so sorry guys...
but this community isn't going anywhere soon...
so this is were i say my farewells and goodbyes.

it was fun the 5 minutes it lasted.
toodles <3 .

*add me if u like.

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04 22 05 | 05:50pm]

ApplicationCollapse )
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Please dont hate me... [Wednesday
04 20 05 | 08:39pm]
[ mood | sad ]

But I am leaveing. I wish I could stay to help this place get active, but I have little time right now. Plus I have no camera and no way of getting one anytime soon. Feel free to add me if there arent any hard feelings. Hopefully, Ill come back.


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04 20 05 | 11:20am]

We need a new theme and I've come up with one.

Celeberties you like and dislike and why?

Ehh. It's what I could come up with.

So let's all participate and PROMOTE!
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04 17 05 | 04:44pm]

Okay you guys.
I have this feeling this community died.
Comment if you think we should just end it now.
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04 15 05 | 07:36pm]

I promised you all pictures from California right?

Well..I decided I'd just post all the pictures anyways.


Find em. If you find something odd. And want to know what the hell we were doing, or what the hell it is. Give me the album name and picture numbevr. I'll tell ya.
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04 11 05 | 06:29pm]

We need to keep this community alive people!
So let's keep promoting!!
You can find promotion banners in the userinfo.
You guys can hit random journals, just make sure you post annon. Or else your journal COULD be suspended.
Promote in other communities. Communities that ALLOW it.
But don't promote in promotion communities. No one really looks at those.
And let's just start to participate in themes and such.
Ideas for the new theme?

Well I have to finish eating dinner, which is actually breakfast. My mom is a little weird tonight. *shrugs*
So let's keep this community alive!

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04 08 05 | 06:58pm]

Who wants to see some of the pictures from my trip. Because I'm not posting every friggan one of the 409 I took.

I've got some of...

-the rocky mountains
-a tunnel
-random buildings and things from LA
-LA skyline
-more random stuff
-pictures of LA clubs
-houses and trees
-hard rock cafe building
-random PEOPLE of LA
-Dirty signs..
-tour guide and people I know
-Sharayah with ducks
-Sharayah, Katilin and I messing around on a big fake rock
-pictures of me with Hercules, Alice and such
-Queen Mary
-on the way to Catalina Island
-pictures OF Catalina
-the glass bottom boat tour
-our scenic tour of Catalina
-more random shops and people I know
-that fucking cat on a roof
-on the way back to Long Beach from Catalina
-the picture of the LAMP that attacked me, and my scar which..is an L
-Medival Times
-The effing hottest squire I've ever seen in my ENTIRE lifeee
-taking off
-overview of LA at night

Just tell me which ones.
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stamped & stuff [Friday
04 01 05 | 12:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

I was bored so i took pictures.. i havent uploaded them all so here are a couple..

I guess i'm temp maintainer/mod till my bitches (*sigh* i miss them already) get back so yeah..

You guys should post pictures of stuff you're obsessed with!! do it now.

MEnessCollapse )

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03 30 05 | 03:47pm]

New thing added to userinfo.
Sister Communities

If you have a community or know a community that you want added, let me know. But they have to add us as well. Kay? Kay. :]
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03 28 05 | 10:13pm]
Ehh... sorry for my inactivity....

I have been majorly sick. I couldnt stand being at the computer (aka sitting up) For longer then a few minutes. Im getting better now, I just thought I should explain what was going on.


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03 28 05 | 10:26pm]

[ mood | working ]

more attempts at promotions...Collapse )

I'll do some more later... gotta finish some hw.
hope everyone's doing good :D

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03 28 05 | 05:20pm]

I really think we need a new contest. Like. Only two people participated.
You guys post here with ideas for a new contest.

xo_miss_kay_ox and xoyafa15 are banned.
They did not post their application and they've had, like, a week. And I posted to let them know they needed to.
So, tough luck.
So *cough*Heather*cough* needs to edit them in as banned.

Everyone. Let's get promoting. Okay?


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03 27 05 | 12:55pm]

Today is the LAST DAY for
xo_miss_kay_ox and xoyafa15 to put in their application.
userinfo/copy app/click blue pencil/paste/fill it in/REMEMBER LJ-CUT!/update.
If you don't post it, you will be banned! That means you will HAVE to take us off your friends and don't join again. Got it? :] thanks

How is everyone's easter going? Good I hope.

JokesCollapse )

We need to start promoting some more and become more active.
I don't want us to die.
Just post..whatever. idc. anything. lol.

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Imma friggan N.otorious bizzatch, hO. [Sunday
03 27 05 | 01:02am]

[ mood | curious ]

SHAWWWWTAY, She Think She FineCollapse )

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03 26 05 | 09:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Here's the deal. Updated member list, Updated promotion banners. Heather did it all.

*bows* Thank you. Once we get about 20 members. I'll make a _fineb_ member quilt like I did for CWAL.

Which reminds me. I need to update.

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