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Anvard officially has a new "Weirdest Clan in Town," I think.

Or at least a new "Weirdest Clan in Town We Know About," anyway...

My reaction was pretty much exactly like Jack's. :-D

(Also, my thesis - which I whined about here a few months ago - is done. Still don't have the result, but I'm embarrassed regardless of what grade it will get. IMO it really doesn't do Finder justice, and, in a more self-centred vein, it's selling myself short, as well. I should have done better than that. Can do better than that, usually. - Then again, I'm told most people who've finished something comparable feel like that. Ah well. It's done, and that is what matters. The title is "Social and Spatial Boundaries in the Comics of Carla Speed McNeil," although it actually turned out to be mostly about the social ones [and also about biological ones, although that's not mentioned in the title, arrgh]. It's roughly 45,000 words, and therefore officially the longest thing I've written in my life. Heh.)
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Carla Speed McNeil at Baltimore ComicCon today

I had the good fortune to meet Carla Speed McNeil at the Baltimore ComicCon today.

First off I'd like to say she's very personable. My friends and I were able to talk to her for a good ten minutes at least. Meeting her felt as comfortable as meeting the friend of a friend (except for the part where I went a little fangirly and said "Your art is absolutely gorgeous", but anyway...) Here are some things I learned from her:

-Speed is her maiden name

-she went to school in Louisiana

-We asked her "How does Lynne refer to herself -- herself or himself?" She answered "Yes."

-Lynne is not Jaeger's child -- s/he actually is Brigham's child.

-She considers herself to be more like Rachel than like Jaeger, but Jaeger is an "elemental" part of her.

-Jaeger has existed in her mind since she was a child, in many varied animal forms. One of those forms was like Marcie's werewolf companion in "Talisman". He took a human form later in her life.

-"Jaeger" is not so much a name as a job description, relating to his father ("jaeger" means "hunter" in German) -- but it is especially a reference to the bird called jaeger, or skua. It is a gull that has taken the role of raptors in the arctic where raptors can't live. It is a kleptoparasite, and will steal the kills of other birds. So Jaeger doesn't really have a name -- it's more that he's called "the jaeger", and accepts that. An image of the jaeger/skua is sewn into the back of the jacket Jaeger wears in "King of Cats" -- the jacket can be seen on the back cover. (This point and the point before it are things that she has said in the notes of the comics, but it was still nice to get it clarified from her personally).
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Desperately need someone to talk to...

... about my M.A. thesis, which is - at least partly, possibly entirely - going to be about Finder. Or rather, I desperately need someone to talk about Finder with, as my thesis itself isn't particularly well defined yet - that's the main reason I so desperately need to talk to someone; talking sometimes helps with that kind of thing. Preferably, I'd need someone of a meta/theory/"academic" set of mind - though I have to admit my own knowledge in that area is spotty at best. I'm really, really lost at the moment, and have nobody really 'qualified' for this type of conversation in my immediate social circle (my advisor is largely unavailable and doesn't know the comic, so probably wouldn't be that much help). Mainly the conversation would probably consist of me rambling at you in a disorganised manner, at least initially, but maybe - hopefully - it would grow into something more worthwhile after a while. I just feel like I need an 'audience' for my rambling that at least knows the comic fairly well...

(I suppose I could just start rambling here, but I feel like my thoughts at this point are such a mess that I don't feel I could post them in a particularly coherent manner. I'd rather post at some later stage...)
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Streetwalking in Anvard

Rachel just can't catch a break, can she? On the other hand, she's getting a great look at the people who get the short end of the stick in clan society.

Something puzzles me: While stuck on the bench in the police station, Rachel has a thought balloon of herself (?) dressed as a stereotypical streetwalker. Obviously,she's upset for being arrested for no good reason.

However, I thought it was established that in the world, sex work is an established profession without social stigma. So, why is Rachel's worst case scenario being thought she was a hooker?

Maybe it's regulated and licensed courtesans who have no hassles, but subsistence level sex workers, particularly those who work on the street, get the same kind of crap treatment they get in our society. They're too messed up with drug and/or mental health issues to work in a regulated brothel or get licensed, so they're stuck on the street, and nobody wants them on their street.