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Well, this is a community for the love of Final Fantasy. As to seeing this is a community there are rules that must be followed. If I see that you are breaking these rules I shall summon Sin and you WILL be banned.Now on with the rules....


1. This is a Final Fantasy community. Try and stay on this topic.
2. Fanfics and fanart are allowed as long as they are kept uder a lj-cut.
3. Fanfics and fanart must also have ratings G, PG-13 and so on and so forth...
4. Writing in Al Bhed is allowed as long as you are not posting cheats without a lj-cut, making fun of another user (be nice now...), or going off topic.
5. Posting cheats and requesting them are okay as long as you use a lj-cut.
6. No Final Fantasy haters, this is not the place and I shall ban you.
7. You will be given 3 warnings if needed. If I get to the third you shall be banned.
8. Be happy!! Be nice!! And keep playing!!!