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This is a community entirely dedicated to Final Fantasy.

Here, you can post anything you want about any part of the series, or affiliations such as Kingdom Hearts, The Spirits Within, Advent Children, etc.

Topics of posts can be of pretty much anything such as:

+ Fan Fics
+ questions
+ news/rumors
+ final fantasy journal icons/wallpapers/banners, etc.
+ tips
+ fan arts
+ cosplay pics, as long as you give credit to the cosplayer if it is not of yourself
+ feel free to make introductory posts stating your exsistence... etc.
+ random posts about final fantasy are fine, they don't need to be 100% meaningful or productive, so say whatever-- communicate!
+ WELCOME any new members in their intro posts!

Some simple rules:

+ Do not post anything that is not absolutely directly related to Final Fantasy.
+ Do not advertise other LJ communities in here.
+ Post as many images as you like, but if they're unreasonably large, use an LJ cut.

Anonymous posting has been disabled-- LiveJournal is free and you don't need a code to make one anymore, so if you want to post, create a LiveJournal and join.

Maintained and created by relm_asellus