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[20 Aug 2011|02:09am]

154 Sailor Moon Icons

34 Final Fantasy Icons

13 Princess Ai Icons

27 Misc Manga and Games Icons

here at chateu_aiguille!
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[12 Aug 2010|11:16pm]

34 Final Fantasy 7 Icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

here at chateu_aiguille!
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[24 Feb 2010|10:26pm]

30 FF8 icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

here at chateu_aiguille!
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[23 Dec 2009|09:33pm]

113 Final Fantasy Icons
-27 FF4
-23 FF7
-28 FF8
-60 FF Misc

here at chateu_aiguille!
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[02 Sep 2009|10:26pm]

178 Final Fantasy Icons
-27 FF4
-29 FF6
-36 FF7
-24 FF8
-30 FF12

-26 FF Other

here at chateu_aiguille!
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Looking for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts [07 Jul 2009|06:08pm]


I'm looking for some of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts Figures. I would prefer them new in the box, but don't mind if they are open.
I'm specifically looking for:-
Kairi (KH2)
Sora (KH2 - Normal or Final Form)
Roxas (KH2)
Aerith (CC)
Cloud (CC)
Tifa (AC)
Yuffie (AC)
Balthier (FFXII)

I would prefer to trade right now, my list is here http://community.livejournal.com/shopanime/1396076.html Or from my own collection of figures, etc.
Or, I may be able to buy, for a reasonable price - so ask!
Also, if you know a good online store that sells these (good prices) please let me know!

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fran_ awards [06 Jul 2009|02:02pm]

Hey :) Sorry for posting here but I was wonder if you would like to affilate with us? it's called fran_awards it's a new icontest dedicated to fran of FFXII.
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Fanfiction: All is Fair [12 Jun 2009|12:34pm]


Title: All is Fair
Chapter: Two
Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Beatrix, Kuja
Rating: G
Word Count: 2978
Summary: “Have I not already told you that surprising me is nearly impossible?” Beatrix asked the moment she was left alone with the sorcerer.

“Yes, dear General, you have.” Kuja replied, turning his icy gaze on her. “But what sort of sorcerer would I be if I didn’t at least try?” The look on his face as he spoke seemed somehow menacing and cordial at the same time, but Beatrix wasn’t sure how that was possible. Maybe it was just an illusion meant to throw her off, or maybe just a trick of the candle light. Whatever it was, it made her fearful of what ‘surprises’ this man had in store for her.

Fake Cut To: A Sorcerer‘s Surprise
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Fanfiction [02 Jun 2009|11:37am]

Title: Hymns of Fayth
Chapter: One - Nine
Characters: Lulu, Auron, Seymour (main three)
Rating: PG (rating will change with each chapter)
AU where Lulu is a summoner starting her pilgrimage around the same time as Yuna. She has no guardian and travels alone to defeat Sin until she is saved by a legendary guardian who has washed up on Djose beach. He offers her his services, but for a price. She must help him find his lost companion and take them both to Zanarkand with her. Reluctantly she accepts, unaware of the dangers and truths the man will soon unveil to her.

Chapter One: Meeting
Chapter Two: Where I've Been
Chapter Three: A Deal with the Devil
Chapter Four:Strange Yet Special
Chapter Five: Gohsts of the Past
Chapter Six: Ominous
Chapter Seven: Devil's Rising
Chapter Eight: Worthy Opponents?
Chapter nine: Chocobo Trouble
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Fanfiction [02 Jun 2009|11:28am]

Hello! This my first FFIX fiction and I hope you all like it.

Title: All is Fair
Chapter: One
Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Beatrix, Kuja
Rating: G
Word Count: 2951
Summary:Beatrix felt as if she was entering a waltz with evil. A dance she did not know the steps to; a song she had never heard before; in a language that was unknown to her. The only thing she could do was follow as he lead her through the motions until then end, or, until she could find a way to make him stumble.

Fake Cut To: A Waltz with Evil
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Final Fantasy VII Icon [01 Jun 2009|02:08am]


I'm just gonna post half of the set first.



-none of the icons are bases unless it is stated
-any suggestions are welcome, and of course, comments
-and please no hotliking, and do credit

Hope you'll enjoy it : )
This set consist of 50 FFVII both from Crisis Core and Advent Children
See the rest atmypocket-liyana.livejournal.com/4147.html@ mypocket_liyana 

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Just a question about Final Fantasy [16 Mar 2009|08:51am]


Just a question , Is Final Fantasy anything like Kingdom hearts , im a big fan of kingdom hearts and i want to buy Final fantasy but only if its like kingdom hearts

can anyone help me out and tell me what Finaly fantasy is like
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[15 Mar 2009|03:18am]

[001-012] Kingdom Hearts
[013-027] Harry Potter
[028-083] Final Fantasy VII
[084-099] Final Fantasy X
[100-127] Jurassic Park
[128-147] The Dark Knight
[148-186] Watchmen
[187-194] Death Note
[195-201] Motley Crue / Nikki Sixx
[202-204] Stock


The rest HERE at gypsyballads

» Comment if you like or take anything!
» Credit gypsyballads!
» JOIN the community! :)
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final fantasy icons and more [14 Feb 2009|09:31pm]

16 Final Fantasy icons (amano artwork)
13 Fashion icons
7 Stock icons (japanese toys)


here AT dodoki
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[08 Dec 2008|04:33pm]

[56] Final Fantasy
[03] Yu Yu Hakusho (Hiei)
[12] Naruto

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On my way..
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Oblivion Key - Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy RPG [14 Sep 2008|10:50pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

The Worlds of Final Fantasy existed, the people from those worlds either taken by the darkness or dieing to appear where they are on other worlds. But these worlds that were supposedly destroyed are returning and those people that lived on them and now are making their life elsewhere have no idea...

Here For More Information

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[16 Jul 2008|12:40am]


ROUND 3 is starting now at dynast_lims! I know what you're thinking, "Not another LIMS..." but we try really hard to make this one awesome. The LIMS includes all games within the Ivalice Alliance, including FF12, FFTactics, and other games within Ivalice. Come join in!
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New! [15 Jul 2008|10:41pm]
Hey guys, I've been working on a fanmix for a couple of days for Tidus, and now that I'm done, I'd like to share! :3

(Tidus of Final Fantasy X FST)

Icontest Icon Dump [09 Jul 2008|11:35pm]

[49] Final Fantasy
[04] Kingdom Hearts
[22] Dark/Emotive

Click here to see the rest
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Fanmix [13 Jun 2008|03:17pm]

Warnings: some songs may have naughty words.
Disclaimer: characters owned by Square Enix
Critique Welcome - yes

Please let me know if I haven't labelled it correctly. >_<;;

Hi there!!!

I've been working on a Genesis & Sephiroth Fanmix!!

More details here. EDIT: I thought I'd fixed it...but if the link doesn't work, just go to eternal_satire The fanmix entry is the second one. Thanks. ^^

Cross posted in other FF related comms.

I also have two other fanmixes available to download at the same place. Both include Genesis!! XD

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