Looking for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts

I'm looking for some of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts Figures. I would prefer them new in the box, but don't mind if they are open.
I'm specifically looking for:-
Kairi (KH2)
Sora (KH2 - Normal or Final Form)
Roxas (KH2)
Aerith (CC)
Cloud (CC)
Tifa (AC)
Yuffie (AC)
Balthier (FFXII)

I would prefer to trade right now, my list is here Or from my own collection of figures, etc.
Or, I may be able to buy, for a reasonable price - so ask!
Also, if you know a good online store that sells these (good prices) please let me know!


Fanfiction: All is Fair

Title: All is Fair
Chapter: Two
Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Beatrix, Kuja
Rating: G
Word Count: 2978
Summary: “Have I not already told you that surprising me is nearly impossible?” Beatrix asked the moment she was left alone with the sorcerer.

“Yes, dear General, you have.” Kuja replied, turning his icy gaze on her. “But what sort of sorcerer would I be if I didn’t at least try?” The look on his face as he spoke seemed somehow menacing and cordial at the same time, but Beatrix wasn’t sure how that was possible. Maybe it was just an illusion meant to throw her off, or maybe just a trick of the candle light. Whatever it was, it made her fearful of what ‘surprises’ this man had in store for her.

Fake Cut To: A Sorcerer‘s Surprise


Title: Hymns of Fayth
Chapter: One - Nine
Characters: Lulu, Auron, Seymour (main three)
Rating: PG (rating will change with each chapter)
AU where Lulu is a summoner starting her pilgrimage around the same time as Yuna. She has no guardian and travels alone to defeat Sin until she is saved by a legendary guardian who has washed up on Djose beach. He offers her his services, but for a price. She must help him find his lost companion and take them both to Zanarkand with her. Reluctantly she accepts, unaware of the dangers and truths the man will soon unveil to her.

Chapter One: Meeting
Chapter Two: Where I've Been
Chapter Three: A Deal with the Devil
Chapter Four:Strange Yet Special
Chapter Five: Gohsts of the Past
Chapter Six: Ominous
Chapter Seven: Devil's Rising
Chapter Eight: Worthy Opponents?
Chapter nine: Chocobo Trouble


Hello! This my first FFIX fiction and I hope you all like it.

Title: All is Fair
Chapter: One
Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Beatrix, Kuja
Rating: G
Word Count: 2951
Summary:Beatrix felt as if she was entering a waltz with evil. A dance she did not know the steps to; a song she had never heard before; in a language that was unknown to her. The only thing she could do was follow as he lead her through the motions until then end, or, until she could find a way to make him stumble.

Fake Cut To: A Waltz with Evil