variable_a (variable_a) wrote in _final_ff_,

Looking for someone to play Refia from FFIII in an RP

Our Refia player recently dropped the character at moogle_island and I'm looking for someone to pick her up (you don't have to pick her up from where the previous player dropped her--a restart is totally acceptable). We have players for Arc, Luneth, Ingus, Desch and Xande so anyone who picked her up definitely wouldn't be alone on the island as far as Final Fantasy III characters go! The other Final Fantasy III players are very active and come up with a lot of fun plots to do together--just things are kind of lacking with the only girl of the group gone now XD If you're interested please send me a PM on this journal or email me at! (or well you could just apply for her at the game, but if you want any information such as contacts for the other players, background information about what's happened with Refia in the game, ect.--please do contact me!)
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