Rachey: FanFics and Icons (lightmy_muse) wrote in _final_ff_,
Rachey: FanFics and Icons

Fic: Injuries and Promises

Title: Injuries and Promises
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Theme: 24 - Good Night
Rating: PG-13 (Sexual content and language)
Characters: Yuffie Kisaragi & Vincent Valentine
Pairing: Yuffentine [Yuffie x Vincent]
Word Count:1547
Summary: Yuffie is injured in battle. Vincent shows up to take care of her.
Disclaimer: I am still me. Tetsuya Nomura is still himself. And I still don't own any rights to any of the Final Fantasy games, let alone the masterpiece that is FFVII. Therefore, this is still just fanfiction and not cannon (though if you want to count it as cannon, then by all means I won't stop you!)
Warning: This chapter does have reference to sex. Nothing too graphic, but there is a bit of sexual content. If you're not into reading that sort of thing, then I suggest you skip this installment. You've been warned, so no complaints.

( Yuffie Kisaragi had had a bad day… )
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