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[Jan. 27th, 2008|05:58 pm]




Waking up one day you find your life just as they have always been. Living in a perfect world where you go to school or work, have friendships and meaningful relationships. you have a past and a future, a present that is so concrete that you don’t question twice.

But what if things weren’t as they seemed? What if this perfect city was too windless to be true? Things look surreal but at the same time everything looks like the reality you’ve always belonged to.

Twilight City is on a plane of existence all on its own. There is no start to the city and no end. No one really has any urge to leave the wonderful little metropolis and even if they did want to leave, they always somehow… sometimes in bizarre ways-- find themselves back in the city tucked away in their plastic little lives.

This city is a fake. But all you know and have known is the city in the Twilight.

Twilight City is a role playing game set within a contained world of one single city. It involves the characters from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Disney!

- Taken characters - Reservations -
- Disney Applications - Kingdom Hearts / Summons Applications -
- Final Fantasy Applications - Rules and Guide - FAQ -

Check out Twilight City for the entire story and more information!

Some of our PB suggestion links are currently down and we’re waiting on the photobucket account to reset. Sorry for any inconveniences!