April 13th, 2005

Did you want to be caught?

FF8 comm that needs members

Hopefully comm spam is accepted. :)
If not, I'll delete.
balamb_rebirth is in need of quite a few characters.
Including people who want to play GF.
YES, I said GF.
(Just a note, I play Quisty as a Sorceress, just to add a twist. She doesn't use her powers, except ONCE, which made the GF human, and thus, playable.)

A freak snowstorm appeared out of NOWHERE (by an evil force, or just freakishly, no one knows!) and the SeeDs are seperated into groups (more inof on that on the info page of the comm) and unable to contact help, due to the atmospheric conditions because of the storm.
They also cannot get help from the GF. The GF aren't responding at all to Summons, and no one knows why.

The GF are having similar problems. They're all human, not-so-powerless, but naked. And getting quite cold.
Also, Siren is mute. Eden can somehow hear what Siren thinks.

Characters needed:
Possibly Seifer (applications are nice)
Possibly Rinoa (same here)
And Orignals are welcome, but I'd like full info on them please, including Weapon and if they can use magic. If they have a GF junctioned to them also, that wasn't in the game, that's spiffy.

I play a LOT of GF in this game, so I'd also appreciate applications for:
Eden (comes with journal)
Doomtrain (comes with journal)

Okay.. done now.
Character wanted-
RPing experience? If not, no biggie-

Send all applications to hellfire_zell@yahoo.com or comment here with "Application" in the subject line, so I know what to look for.
Thanks lots!