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Why do you love Final fantasy?

Yup, so it's another new member ahead. And right away I'm making stupid questions.

My Question is: why do you love FF so much? Is there a special reason, or do you just love it?

I think FF is really one of the greatest games I have been spending my time on. I like the stories, characters and graphic, but the reason I LOVE those games is the music.

Yes, I'm a musician. I have heard lots of all kind of music. And I can clearly claim that music in all FFs is greatest I have ever heard.

(As everyone probably know, Nobuo Uematsu has composed all FF-music. All of them.)

Well, back to the topic, then... :)

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Hello every one! I've joined this community for the reason every one else did (at least I think every one joined for this reason) for Final Fantasy and all of its glory!
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Hello and Greetings everyone! I am a new member here and i just want to say hello. I'll give you a bit of a rundown: I've been playing final fantasy since i was a wee child. My favorite is FF VIII and i even have a tattoo to prove it..
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FF fave character

So I was just wondering who everybody's favorite character is from any FF. Mine would either have to be Red XIII or Squall. They're both very cool, badass characters. I might have to lean more towards Squall on this one only because of the fact that he has my favorite weapon. Yeah so who are your guys favorite character?
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Hola. I'm new to this community but yeah, Final Fantasy is a wonderful series. I actually spent about 80 hours of my life on every one. Maybe even more. Currently I am playing Final Fantasy X-2 to try and get 100%. I already beat it once and i had 90% aww damn. Black Elemental is driving me insane in that stupid Via Infanito. Yeah. Is it just me, or did they make the precepts gard a hell of a lot easier in ffx-2 than he is in ffx?

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all hail FF7

yo people im ant im new to this commmunity.FF7 is one of the best final fantasies ever because of the cool story lines and characters.Well Rpgs are one of my favs to play and hard to figure out puzzles and shit.FF7 the movie is coming out in america soon which is gonna rule ass and its gonna hit hard.So here it goes FF7 great game.
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hey, im dan martin (as you can see from the U/N), and, im a huge FF fan, so, yeh, i figured id join.....anyway, i read some things about FFXII yesterday, in a PSM magazine(hey, thats redundant, its like sayin PlayStation Magazine Magazine), it looks so amazing, and, so does kingdom hearts 2! it also implies that Auron is pretty important in KH2, which is awesome!

Ivalice is utterly breathtaking in some of the screenshots they have here, i can not wait for FFXII...
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