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The [deadthyme] radio show comes on tonight at 2 AM (Central time). For more info/ listen online/ last weeks playlist: [deadthyme] is a radio show that comes on every week from 2 to 4 AM Sunday night/ Monday morning (whichever you prefer to call it) U.S. Central time on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, or you can listen to it online at:

playlist for 10/3/05:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Samhain - Diabolos '88/ In My Grip - November~Coming~Fire
The Accused - Of the Body - Oh Martha
Straight To Hell - Narking In Cyberspace - Straight To Hell/ Balance Of Terror split 7"ep
Lack Of Interest - Never Back Down - Lack Of Interest
Hit Me Back - Being SXE Is Kind Of Like Being Anti-SXE Cause When You Draw the X's On Your Hands You Get High Off the Marker Smell - California Thrash compilation
Pure - Clad - Noonbugs
Widespread Bloodshed - Sham Campaign - Weapons Of Thrash Destruction compilation 5"ep
Dischange - Victims Of Madness - Seeing Feeling Bleeding
Monster Squad - Lies - Strength Through Pain
Fight Pretty - Bud Davis - Blood Migration
Noxious Emotion - Inertia - Symbols
Milhouse - Get the Axe - Obscenity In the Milk
The Mob (UK) - Gates Of Hell - Let the Tribe Increase
Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In the Face - Burned Mind
ApINKCLOUD - * - Cananda Day compilation
Knuckle Scraper - Swollen Finger - adv. 7"ep track
Dicks - Lifetime Problems - 1980 - 1986
Look Back And Laugh - Slogans - Look Back and Laugh
Cryptic Slaughter - Hypocrite - Convicted
S.O.A. - Draw Blank - Dischord 1981: The Year In Seven Inches compilation
Inkubus Sukkubus - Heart Of Lilith - Wytches & Vampyres- The Best Of
Genetic Control - 1984 - First Impressions 7"ep
Coughing Up Blood - Coughing Up Blood - Copstache 7"ep
Barrit - A Planet Wide - Smiles Upon the Stroke That Murders Me
Cubinate - Joy - Barbarossa
Isis/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Boris - We Reach: The Music Of the Melvins compilation
Un Drame Musical Instantane - Rien Ne Va Plus - Dry Lungs V compilation
Rusted Shut - Kill - Great Big Pile compilation
Ingron Hutlos - Hur Mar Du, Barn Av Idag - Necrophilian Hits 7"ep
Assembly Of God - With Backs That Are Turned - Submission Obedience Denial 7"ep
Phobia - Violence and Greed - Get Up and Kill!
dead horse - Aplo - Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers
Sisters Of Mercy - Alice '93 - Under the Gun single
Pitch Black - The Wrath - Pitch Black
Diamanda Galas - The Divine Punishment part 1 - The Divine Punishment & Saint Of the Pit
Cradle Of Filth - Sleepless - From the Cradle To Enslave ep
Death Cube K - Dark Hood - Dreamatorium
Project X - Dance Floor Justice - Straight Edge Revenge
Vex - Safer Streets - New Words For An Old Revolution 7"ep
Mayday - Slain, Left To Rot - Endless Resist 7"ep
Oneroid Psychosis - The Devil's Tongue - Forever Is Forgotten
[deadthyme] is a modern counter-culture music show. Modern counter-culture music can be defined many different ways, but for this show it's defined as punk, goth, industrial, and all the subgenres therein (death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, gothic metal, etc.) as well as other forms ov offbeat music that slip between the cracks (such as Negativland, The Swans, Chrome, Big Black, etc.) and even a little extreme metal.
For more info, comments, requests, or if you want your band played on the show, e-mail:
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