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Here's this week's [deadthyme] playlist. [deadthyme] comes on every week from 2 to 4 AM Sunday night/ Monday morning (whichever you prefer to call it) U.S. Central time on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, or you can listen to it online at: (real player) or go to for winamp (or to download real player).

playlist for 5/23/05:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Black Flag - This Is Good - Loose Nut
Mortiis - Parasite God - Smell of Rain
Swarrrm - Blame - Swarrrm/ Bloodred Bacteria split
Infest - Break the Chain - Machismo 7"ep
The Scarlet Letter - These Are the People On Your Message Board - How Is Your Heart?
Controlled Bleeding - In Penetration - Penetration
Karst - Crusaders and Zealots - Vision of Insane Hope
Fight Pretty - No Mercy For My Enemies - Raised By Anger 7"ep
The Gerogerigegege - Stairway To Promotion - Singles 1985 - 1993
Cripple Bastards - Self Zeroing - Cripple Bastards/ EyeHateGod split 7"
Melt Banana - Ulterior - Our Last Day compilation
Fear Of God - Prisoner of Your Ideals - Fear of God 7"ep
Discharge - Corpse of Decadence - Discharge
Crippled Youth - Positive Scene - Join the Fight 7"ep
Comeback Kid - Talk Is Cheap - Wake the Dead
Declino - Troppo Facile Morire - Eresia 12"ep
Die Young - Drawn In Quarters - The Message
Illusion Of Safety - Thermonuclear Holy War - Distraction
Crowpath - Kings Among Cockroaches - Red On Chrome
Haujobb - The Noise Institute - Vertical Theory
Daughters - Ghost With the Most - Canada Songs
Terror - Keep Your Mouth Shut - One With the Underdogs
Disrupt - No Values - Refuse Planet 7"ep
16 - Balloon Knot - Zoloft Smile
The Lack - Cereasin - Notes From Thee Real Underground compilation
Bane - What Keeps Us Here - The Note
Scary Manilow - Loser Friendly - Thrill Ride To the Apocalypse
Corrosion Of Conformity - Indifferent - Eye For An Eye
Cacofonia - Smash the State, Destroy the Capital, Burn the Church - Oh No, Please Not Again!!!
Since The Flood - This World Is Dead To Me - Valor and Vengeance
Machine Gun Romantics - A History Lesson - Machine Gun Romantics/ S.S.E. split 7"ep
Plutocracy - Chickenz - Plutocracy/ Discordance Axis split 7"ep
Nefilim - Xodus - Zoon
Terrorfakt - Street Justice - Cold Steel World
Ludichrist - God Is Everywhere - Immaculate Deception
7 Seconds - Y.P.H. - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over
Anti-Cimex - Game of the Arseholes - Victims of a Bomb Raid 7"ep
Fang - Friends Like You - Where the Wild Things Are 12"ep
Massgrav - Va Er For Fel Pa Socialen - Napalm Over Stureplan
Severed Head Of State - Not Fucking Dead - Fucking Butchery
Sayyadina - Sick of This World - Fear Gave Us Wings
H.H.H. - Solo Palabras - H.H.H./ Vitu's Dance split lp
Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves - Half Machine Lip Moves
Poison The Well - Botchla - Tearing From the Red
[deadthyme] is a modern counter-culture music show. Modern counter-culture music is can be defined many different ways, but for this show it's defined as punk, goth, industrial, and all the subgenres therein (death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, gothic metal, etc.) as well as other forms ov offbeat music that slips between the cracks (such as Negativeland, The Swans, Chrome, Big Black, etc.) and even a little extreme metal.
For more info, comments, requests, or if you want your band played on the show, e-mail:
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