The deadthyme show is still on the air, however I don't post my playlists here any more because I only wanted to do that for 6 months (and then they changed the time, so I did it for another 6 months). Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Halloween and if you want to check out this year's Halloween show, here it is:
deadthyme Halloween show (page down past the ads).
For the playlist, past playlists, more info on the show, etc.: myspace.
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Hi there,

My boyfriend Charles Hedger as you may know is now filling the position of guitarist in Cradle at the moment. However we are now looking to sell a few bits including one of the basses he was using whilst he was filling that role at the start of the year.

The bass is an Aria Pro 2 magna series with a maple neck. Unfortunately the back plate is missing. We are looking for offers at the moment. Authenticity photo can be taken if required, and we'd prefer if the person could collect from our home in Colchester Essex, although we will post if needs be. Bass, can also be signed if needed, although deposit must be paid first.


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Ok, I have a BIG request and anyone who can fill it I will love forever and ever.

I'm looking for Cradle of Filth videos. Any and all! I want them as part of a christmas present and I don't have any download programs so I wondered if anyone would be so kind as to upload some or send me some via a messenger.

Thanks in advance

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Tonight will be the first annual deadthyme Halloween show. There will be horror movie trivia questions and prizes (best ov Misfits, best ov Bauhaus, and deadthyme Halloween mix cds), a call in portion where listeners can talk on the air about Halloween related subjects, and ov course ghoulish and creepy music (even more so than usual) to get you in a Halloween mood. It all starts Halloween morning at 2 AM (Central time). For more info/ listen online/ last weeks playlist: Read more...Collapse )

Ibanez for Sale

Currently owned by COF guitarist Charles Hedger - used during writing process of new album.

Its an RG320 with Dimarzio 'Steve's Special' in the bridge nd 'Air Norton' in the neck. There has also been a custom wiring job and come with a hard case.
The guitar has no scratches or damage that we can find but does need a set up.

Mail me with offers: elyssia at elyssia dot com

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uhh yah, i'm new here. i'm 17 and i live in texas. yah, that's pretty much it.

oh yah, does anyone know when the gospel of filth comes out? it says in october, but other than that i don't know an exact date.