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there's been a lot posted on forums, youtube, myspace & such about this upcoming movie, 'elvis & anabelle'. went to the website and checked it out (http://www.elvisandanabelle.com). looked cool, was wondering if anyone here knew anything else about it??

stars blake lively (girl from 'accepted' and 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants') as a hardcore Texas beauty pageant queen who dies, comes back to life, and falls in love with the local outcast mortician (max minghella, from 'syriana' and 'art school confidential'). it has some really morbid parts, which makes it be a little more twisted than the usual teen romance (zzzzz).

it's supposed to come out in theatres this winter. it's already been talked about a lot, looks to be pretty cool. anyone else know more about it/know where to find more?

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