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*Moderator's Note

Your moderator is going insane...[hence weird pics/icons of self] but I have not forgotten about an exclusive Sakito interview in a previous SHOXX issue. I am too lazy to even bother attempting to translate it so if anyone wants to do the favor [it would be highly appreciated (x.e);;>], please ask me [pref. bug me at nekura_ash/add me if you want; so I'll be sure to know and send one of those 200-300dpi scans through e-mail]. I will upload scans eh...sometime after AnimeNEXT. Once the scanner is open and I clear my ton of magazines that lie on type of the scanner that's been there from Jan.-July issues...[so imagine that pile and why I'm not eager to move heh (~_~)...], I'll scan/rescan every single [FIGURe;] featured page [including advertisements/fliers] as promised ages ago xDD and post it after AnimeNEXT which will be after the 19th of this month. It'll perhaps be under a zip file because of's unfriendly 250K max policy unless these scans are decent at that size.

I think the SHOXX also has the kashikoi kanojo no oroka na sentaku ad, I believe...

Consider it as a summer eye-candy treat <3 gomen!! x3...

Your Mod,
~Nekura Ash

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