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[Figure;] CD/DVD Review - Kashikoi Kanojo no Oroka Na Sentaku

Just a small review of Figure;'s latest release, the CD/DVD set that was released on July 6th.

I picked this up at the 8/13 live in Saitama, and haven't regretted it for a moment. ^^ It was 2800yen (about $28USD), and contains 2 discs. The first is a CD containing the four songs that were released on their previous 2 singles, and one new release (Not '', fyi. ^^ )

disc-1 CD side
1. Kashikoi Deorei no Oroka na Sentaku
2. Made in Kanojo
3. Na mo naki boku no, na mo naki uta
4. Siikuretto Mama
5. 3/4x Go-Round

Disc-2 DVD Side:
[Kashikoi Deorei no Oroka na Sentaku] MUSIC CLIP
Ofushotto(I think??) 2004 December - 2005 June

The CD, on top of giving you the conveniance of being able to listen to (almost) all of [Figure;]'s released music on one CD, has the new song sandwitched between the two releases. It's a slower song, more along the lines of Siikuretto Mama, but much more catchy and fluid. Saki's voice really shines, and the basswork is fabulous.

The DVD is 30 minutes, and has footage of the photoshoot for the 3/4x Go-Round promo shots, and more of the backstage footage from filming what -looks- to be a PV. It includes the footage that was sent out on the bonus VHS you could get for preordering both the singles, and a lot more of the same. The first bit of this is dubbed over with 'Kashikoi Deorei...', but it does have a bit of the boys and staff chatting backstage with american rock playing.
After that there's a bit of studio footage with them recording the new song, and some particularly nice basswork from Kikasa. Sakito plays the guitar for a bit, and there's some fooling around in studio.
The last leg of the DVD is some live footage - just clips, not full songs, sadly, but it's nice and crunchy, and some footage from them warming up.

Credits are dubbed over with more [Figure;] music. Credit Kika with 'VTR edit', so I'm guessing he may have put together the DVD footage and audio.
They give special thanks to, amoung other things, Unzu <3 and Shelly Trip Realize, and Tuxedo Productions, and credit Sex Pot Revenge for their costumes.

You can get this CD through Third Stage, at list price of 2800yen: (under "F". ^_~ )

They list it twice, one as (A Privilege), the other (B Privilege), but I have no clue what the difference is, as both descriptions include "With privilege of 1st pres"? They're the same price.

There were no extras with the CD/DVD.
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