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[Figure;] Lives in August

I had the opportunity to see [Figure;] in august, in Saitama at a huge, 9 hour, 14-band live where they were a guest, on 8/13.

However, when the band came out, I was very surprised to see just Kikasa with the support drummer & guitarist. After singing the number, he introduced the band, and said that although Figure was usually Sakito on Vocals and himself on Vocals and Bass, today it was just himself on Vocals/Bass/Vocals, as Sakito had to go home to visit his family. (Kept calling Sakito "Saki-pon".)
He finished up the short set - just their four songs - on his own. His voice was very sweet, good tone and pitch, much like he sounds on the Unzu singles, but you could tell everyone missed Sakito's energy and charisma onstage.

There were a pair of really cute cosplayers in [Figure;] jumpsuits in front of me that I asked about Sakito, as my shoddy Japanese comprehension couldn't figure out if he was sick or what.... and they said that he just had to visit his family. I assumed at this time that he'd had to go home for O-Ban, which was that weekend, but later in the month I met up with a European girl who'd been to the live on 8/22, and said that Kika's had to foot it alone again, and said Sakito was having family troubles. ;_; I hope everything turns out all right...

They had photosets availble at the live from the singles, and the shots from the add for the new CD/DVD set, which I picked up. The CD has all the songs from the first two singles, and sadly I haven't found a region 2 DVD player yet to see what's on the DVD, though I'm guessing maybe the backstage clip that I got on VHS as a bonus when I pre-ordered both their singles....?

Has anyone else had a chance to take a look at it?
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