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This is a community where you can claim anything that is related to writing. Whether it be lyricists, lyrics, books, writers, book characters, ect. (Yes, from Jack Skellington to Tim Burton to Danny Elfman...) You CAN claim books that have been turned into movies (of course), but you CAN'T claim something that does not have to do with writing. You can't claim a television show, but you can claim the writer of the show.


Current Rules:

1) You may claim ONE thing from a category of your choice. Not multiple categories, only one category, and one book/person (or something)from that category. I apologize for the previous confusion. The first three members may claim two things.

2) You can't claim a WHOLE book series, you must claim one book from it (such as only claiming Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone).

3) Two people may share a claim, only up to this amount. It is not necessary that you share a claim. If you want to share a claim, request this, and it is up to the original claimer. Nothing on the list changes until you get this response. A person MAY refuse.

4)Check the claims list before you claim something, it's less confusion for everyone.

5) Please, no cat fights over Legalos or anything, I don't think anyone 'd actually start an argument, but please no fighting over stuff like this.

6) If I've for some reason missed a claim, inform me on the most recent entry in my main account insomniiac. Only do this after the claim list has been updated and you see that your claim is not on there.

7) Try not to claim "ALL WORKS OF STEPHEN KING AND STEPHEN KING HIMSELF" or anything, everyone needs a bit of Mr. King, and other authors.

8) If you leave the community (and I actually realize this) your claim will be taken off of the list.

9) .. well I suppose that's it for now. Join and claim whatever your little heart desires.

*Oh, and please, when claiming a character state the book. When claiming an author state the book, and when claiming a book state the author. Stuff like that.* x)

And credit and many thanks to try_it_in_heels for making the layout for the community. x]