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Hi, I didn't see anything in the community rules about not promoting and I wanted to let everyone know about this wicked awesome community I'm part of called band_claim2. It’s incredibly active with many mods and over 180 members! The claims list gets updated often so you’ll always know who is claimed and who isn’t! Every week we have fun games, polls, and trivia all of which earn you points to gain more claims than the original four you are given! Come check it out and see for yourself just how great of a community band_claim2 really is!

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Ashley howieluver89
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I dont know if the sites working or not. Ive tried going to the site but it doesnt show up.

Would I be able to claim Slagar the fox from Brian Jacques's book "Mattimeo" if its not claimed already?

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Hi, I cant see the site to check whats available, but I'd like to claim Jack Skellington from Tim Burtons nightmare before christmas, or if thats not available, I'd like FitzChivalry Farseer from the farseer and tawny man trilogys by Robin Hobb.
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I'm finding it difficult to access the claims list, but I'd like to claim Edmund Pevensie from C. S. Lewis' Narnia series if he's not taken.
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