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_ff_icons's Journal

Final Fantasy Icontest
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Just another Final Fantasy Icontest community, here to give you ideas for icons when your brain is cramping and to give you motivation through competition to make the best icons. All icons must be Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts related.

Originally started and maintained in spirit by:

-- touched_venus

Your Moderator

-- faerydragonet


If you would like to see our affiliate listings or you would like to affiliate please visit HERE.

--The Rules--

1. All icon submissions for the Icontest must be Final Fantasy
2. Please do not vote for an icon simply because it’s yours. If you truly feel that yours is the best, it is all right to vote for it. But try to be fair in judging. Also, don't just vote for an icon because your friend made it.
3. Icons must be new! Please no older icons, and we'd prefer if you made them especially for the theme. Do not post them up before the contest is over! Also, DO NOT submit icons that you have entered in other icon communities' contests. If you do so we will have to disqualify the entry.
4. Two icons per week per person unless otherwise specified. You don't have to do two. But you have that option.
5. You vote for three icons. Keep them in order of first choice to third choice. You MAY vote for your own icon, but please don’t advertise yourself all over the place and get your friends to come vote for you. Voting is only open to members of the community.
6. Proper credit must be given in the keywords if you wish to take one of the icons submitted here for personal use.
7. Icons MUST contain any 3 consecutive words from the provided lyrics, unless otherwise specified.
8. Icons must fit livejournal criteria- 100x100 pixels or less and no more than 40 kb.

Submissions will be screened.
Submit icons in a comment, like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Cloud -- FF7


? helenahandbag
If you would like to apply to be a bannermaker, please do so HERE


~~Destinie (touched_venus)