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Final Fantasy Freakiness!

To the Xtreme!

Final Fantasy Freaks
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This community is a companion to the website Final Fantasy Freaks. Here's a place where you can get icons, extra content, and other useless crap pertaining to Final Fantasy and the site. This is also a place where you can talk about anything Final Fantasy related you've found on the net, or stuff you'd like to see on the site. You know, crap like that.

Membership for this community is moderated. What that basically means is just that we like to keep track of who's joining and whatnot. There is almost no reason why someone would be turned down for membership. But we will kick out anyone who's causing problems or flaming.

Here are the brief community rules. Please read before joining.

1. You must like Final Fantasy (duuuuuh.)

2. Please keep all debates and what not civil. No flaming. If someone is causing a problem they'll be warned first, then banned.

3. If you're having a problem with someone, please contact one of the Mods. Let them handle the dirty work.

4. Try to stay on topic. The topic being Final Fantasy, or Final Fantasy Freaks. Other fandoms related to the website (Castlevania and Gundam Wing) are also great.

5. When you post, please friends lock your posts. This community is for members only.

This community is operated by lark2328, who also runs the website. Feel free to contact her [ lark @ buy-shinra . com] if you have a question or problem.


legal_style ; mrcaine01 @ buy-shinra .com

Q. Can I post fanfic?

A. Sure! Just put up the proper warnings (if any) and put it behind a cut.

Q. Can I post fanart?

A. Please! Again, please put any warnings and put it behind a cut.

Q. Is this a yaoi friendly community?

A. Of course it is! Look who runs it!

Q. Can I post icons/wallpapers/other graphics here?

A. Yes! If it's more than 3 icons or it's a large graphic, please put it behind a cut.

Q. Can I pimp out my community/website here?

A. You can post about a new community or website here once, as long as the community or website is related to Final Fantasy/Castlevania/Gundam Wing in some way.

Q. If I post a fan art or fanfic here will it get put on the website?

A. If Lark really, really loves something, she may ask to put it on the website. But in general anything posted to the community stays on the community.

Any other questions? Feel free to hit up a mod.